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Last updated 5/24/11

Date Name of Event Location More Info Prize $$
4/27/11 Drake Relays Mall Vault Des Moines, IA Link Yes
5/29/11 Otay Ranch Mall Vault Chula Vista, CA Link Yes
6/4/11 San Marcos River Vault San Marcos, TX Link Yes
6/10-11/11 Tremont Street Vault Tremont, IL Link No
6/18/11 Quintana Beach Vault Freeport, TX Link No
6/18/11 Rush County Pole Vault Meet Rushville, IN Link No
6/24-25/11 Livonia Spree Vault Livonia, MI Link No
6/25/11 A'ROR'N Days Street Vault Aurora, NE Link No
7/2/11 Gill Athletics Factory Vault Champaign, IL Link Yes
7/4/11 Freedom Fair Festival Beach Vault Tacoma, WA Link Yes
7/4/11 Pole Vault Explosion River Vault St. Charles, MO Link Yes
7/9/11 Swashbuckler Beach Vault Seattle, WA Link Yes
7/16/11 Three Rivers Festival Street Vault Fort Wayne, IN Link No
7/15-16/11 Grand Haven Beach Vault Grand Haven, MI Link Yes
7/23/11 Dauphin Street Vault Mobile, AL Link ??
7/23/11 Oaks Park River Vault Portland, OR Link ??
8/6-7/11 Jersey Jumps Beach Vault Seaside Heights, NJ Link ??
8/12-13/11 Jammin' and Jumpin' Street Vault Henderson, KY Link Yes
8/12/11 Clovis Street Vault Clovis, CA   Yes
8/13/11 Indiana State Fair Street Vault Indianapolis, IN Link ??
8/19/11 Midland County Fair Vault Midland, MI Link No
9/3/2011 Colorado State Fair Vault Pueblo, CO Link Yes
9/3/2011 Anti Gravity Lakeshore Vaut Jacksonville, FL Link No
?? York Beach Vault York, ME Link No

2009 Honorable Mentions

Vaultstock - Jonesboro, AR
Bring the Heat Vault Meet - Black Springs, AR

2008 Honorable Mentions

Hemlock Moon Vault - Hemlock, MI
AVC Grand Opening Meet - Black Springs, AR

2007 Honorable Mentions

Harvest for Hope Charity Vault - Columbia, SC
- Jonesboro, AR
Mardi Gras Pole Vault Extravaganza - New Orleans, LA
Moon Vault - Vermontville, MI
North Central College Vaultfest - Naperville, IL
Hip Athletics Ocean City Beach Vault - Ocean City, NJ
Extinct (but has cool videos): Santa Barbara Beach Vault

How to get your event listed:
Email becca@polevaultpower.com with the information

The above table only includes events held on board runways that are out in the public.
Other unique competitions may be included in the honorable mentions category.

Defunct Meets

Date Name of Event Location More Info Prize $$
5/1/10 Rosewood Crawfish Festival Street Vault Columbia, SC Link Yes
6/5/10 Plaza Street Vault Kansas City, KS Link Yes
7/24/10 El Dorado Street Vault El Dorado, KS Link No
?? H4H Street Vault Lewis Center, OH Link No
?? Score Vault Grand Rapids, MI Link No
?? Ypsilanti Heritage Festival Vault Ypsilanti, MI Link No
4/27/08 Asparagus Festival Street Vault Stockton, CA Link Yes
-- Rio Vista River Vault Rio Vista, CA Link Yes
5/31/08 Chanute Street Vault Chanute, KS Link No
?? Grand Island Ethnic Festival Street Vault Grand Island, NE Link No
6/19/08 Texas Ski Ranch Pole Vault Extravaganza New Braunfels, NE Link ??
6/28/08 Fishers Freedom Festival Street Vault Fishers, IN Link No
6/27-28/08 Evansville Freedom Festival Street Vault Evansville, IN Link No
?? Hot Springs Street Vault Hot Springs, AR Link Yes
?? John C. Fremont Days Street Vault Fremont, NE Link No
?? Green Chile Street Vault Albuquerque, NM Email Yes
?? Hayhoe's BBQ Street Vault Pottageville, ONT Link No
?? Newport Street Vault Newport, OR Link No
?? Czech Days Street Vault Wilbur, NE Link No
?? Jericho Beach Vault Vancouver, BC Link No
?? Helena Street Vault Helena, MT Link No
?? Dakota County Fair Street Vault Farmington, MN Link No
?? Light It Up Sand Vault Shawnee, KS Link No
?? Coos Bay Street Vault Coos Bay, OR Link No
?? Pocatello Street Vault Pocatello, ID Link Yes




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