Adding 6-8” Efficiently

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Adding 6-8” Efficiently

Unread postby Bigfandave » Mon May 27, 2019 10:04 am

Appreciate any/all feedback as I’m working to move to 15’4” over a Summer season to his collegiate standard.
5’7.5”/140 lbs (still growing).

Pacer 14/7/160 holding 14’ bar at 14-8”.

Was an accomplished national-level gymnast, vaulting 3+ years but had no coach this past season-back to work with him this week full-time.

Thank You.

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Re: Adding 6-8” Efficiently

Unread postby bel142 » Thu Feb 25, 2021 9:54 am


Looks like you got things moving, but as we know the pole vault is a chain of events. I'm going to write about you moving before the stick hits the box.

As we approach the box we want to maintain our sprint technique. The pole/body connection is a system, the pole acts as a lever and creates a change in forces within our body system as we run. I am seeing your front hand drop lower as you approach the box. You are trying to hold the pole up by leaning backwards rather than accelerating through take off. As the pole tip gets out in front our bodies will naturally lean backwards to counter balance the stick so we don't fall over. Other muscles we need will fire to hold up the pole as we run.

1 - If you can maintain your sprint form and accelerate the run we might get rid of the braking action at take off and we can create a better body position/foot placement at take off. As the pole gets out in front of you you need to increase the cadence of the approach to counter the change of center of mass as the pole tip gets further away from the high starting position.

2 - Keep the (looks like your a right handed vaulter) left hand on the center midline of your body and the elbow below the wrist. As we approach the box extend the left(front) arm with the triceps forward and up just above our forehead. Let the pole tip drop naturally, let gravity do the work, but keep the left hand no lower than the initial starting spot. The right hand should move from your Hip/back pocket, to just under your pec. Just by that fix you will be able to create space for your arm to move above your body and create space between you and the stick.

Hope that helps


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