Building strength and balance for the top of the vault

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Building strength and balance for the top of the vault

Unread postby advath » Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:15 pm

Advantage Athletics athletes and some of the top high school pole vaulters and an NCAA Champion have been using The Topper for years.
The goal with a good fast swing is to get inverted and realign with the pole. This devise helps you feel where that balance on the pole is without ever having to run down the runway. It helps you build strength to go up the line of the pole without falling toward the crossbar without ever having to run down the runway. This devise helps the pole vaulter understand why you want to be in line with the pole. Try pressing the pole tip up when the pole is not in line and close to your body. It's very hard. When the elastic is connected to either foot and the pole tip you have to keep the pole close to the body and in line with the body to move the pole up. While moving the pole up it is hard to balance the pole. Every time you have to use muscles to keep the pole in line with your body you are developing the strength to move up the pole without falling out toward the crossbar.
Email or call (818)261-4493 Pole Vault Power special $65 +tax & shipping put Topper in the subject area.
3 sizes:
Red for 12' - 13' poles (strong)
Blue for 14' - 15' poles (stronger)
Green for 15' - 16' poles (strongest) (used by Denis Kholev the year he won the NCAA Championship)
Melissa Estete used "The Topper" to help her pole vault 13' 3/4" in high school says, "The topper is really a great tool for vaulters because it helps you practice getting inverted and building that strength without having to set foot on the runway. This is one of the key drills my team and I did to become better technicians. I absolutely recommend it!"

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