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Pole vault tree

Unread postby coach-scott » Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:14 am

I was at a meet last year and saw a pole vault tree that was awesome. I am looking for it and can not find it anywhere online? Does anybody out there know of or have seen the following.

It looks like a rod that is inserted into the ground with three prongs and has 3-4 arms that hold the poles on both sides of the metal vertical rod. The great thing about this thing is that it is portable. When pulled out of the ground the horizontal arms fold down in line with the vertical shaft and the three prongs that insert into the ground and fold up in line with the vertical shaft. It looked like light weight aluminum and was the coolest thing. I figured it would be easy to find but I am wrong. Has anybody out there got more info on this. It is not the big and bulky UCS or MF,GIll pole tree. This is light weight and portable?


Coach Scott

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