Best way to transport a pole... with a Hyundai Tibron=/

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Re: Best way to transport a pole... with a Hyundai Tibron=/

Unread postby indestructo » Tue May 18, 2010 11:29 am

I transport a tube of pole on top of my tiny Dodge Neon all the time. I, first, use a rope tide to the arms of the trunk fairly tight so that the pole bag is at a slight angle. Shut the trunk. Then I tie down the front end to the arms of the hood. Make sure you also tie into the straps for the cap of the bag. This keeps the bag from rotating. I've driven an hour away up to 75mph with this.

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Re: Best way to transport a pole... with a Hyundai Tibron=/

Unread postby golfdane » Tue May 25, 2010 7:45 am

I can tell you how NOT to do it:

I made a couple of fastners that fit on the roof rack, that can hold 1 tube that is app. 17 cm in diameter. Can put it on and tighten it in less than 1 minute. Only in strong winds, will I use a rope to the fastner at the front.
Thinking about making one that also fits on the rack, but holds 2 tubes and supports the tubes further apart, but in general use the same system to fasten the tubes.

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Re: Best way to transport a pole... with a Hyundai Tibron=/

Unread postby Divalent » Tue May 25, 2010 10:29 am

yz85608 wrote:
These are super nice if you only have 5-6 poles, you just can't use a tube. Other than that I love these.

I'll second the recommendation for the Jiffy Car Rack. Only costs about $30 plus shipping, and can hold up to 3 poles (definitely NOT "5-6"!).

They hang from the top of the windows on your right-side doors. It does prevent you from using the doors on the right side once the poles are in place, and you MUST be mindful of their presence, particularly if you have power windows (I.E., don't, as my daughter inadvertantly did the very first time she used it, roll down the windows once they are mounted (fortunately, she did it before she started moving, so nothing really happened.)) (If she was going a long distance where I was concerned about this, I probably would rig up two "safety holds" tethering the poles to the right side mirror and someplace in the back, just in case.)

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Re: Best way to transport a pole... with a Hyundai Tibron=/

Unread postby tsorenson » Wed May 26, 2010 5:24 pm

1. Put the poles in a pole bag if you have one. If not, tape them all together tightly so none can slip out of the "bundle".

2. Get two old, large towels. Sling one around your pole bundle in the front, and another in the back. Align the wrapped towels to where you can slam the loose ends into the trunk and hood of your car on the passenger side. (**Don't let the one in the hood get caught in any of the moving parts of your engine!**). Some cars you can rest the bundle over the passenger side mirror, others must be hung below the mirror. If the towels are wrapped tightly around the poles and slammed securely, this method works well. Alternatively you can use the front door of your car, a hatchback, or even a window pinching the towel "sling".

Good luck, if it's not secure don't drive with poles. My buddy just transported some poles across town on his motorcycle the other some funny looks!


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