Pole Vaulter Companion [Android App]

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Pole Vaulter Companion [Android App]

Unread postby FranzVz » Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:03 pm

Pole Vaulter Companion (Android 2.1+) - Just released!

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A pole vaulter's dream! Instant, easy conversions between English and metric!

Aren't you tired of not knowing the conversion between feet and meters while pole vaulting?
How about trying to get used the metric system in your NCAA or USATF career?
Hey Mom and Dad, don't you want an easy way to find out how high your child is vaulting without having to ask other parents?

Now converting your bar heights is as simple as sliding your fingertips across your mobile device.
Pole Vaulter Companion allows you to, through either direct input or an easy-to-use touch interface, convert freely between metric and English measuring systems. Simply slide the bar height up and down with your fingertip and see the height in both units of measure. With this tool, you'll carry the conversions wherever you go in this first exclusively for pole vaulters app. This app was designed by Assistant Coach and former NCAA Div. 1 Pole Vaulter Al Berardi of the NJ based Heights Unlimited Vault Club. This app is a pole vaulter or pole vault coach's dream, because it's for vaulters, by vaulters. In addition to the height converter, Pole Vault Companion also has another interface allowing you to convert you standard depth so that you will never have to be unprepared at a track meet again.

Pole Vaulter Companion for Android smartphones helps you easily convert between Metric and English systems to set up your jumps. (We will add more features soon, such as your Jump History). The iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) will be released soon as well. It's NCAA or USATF meet tested.

The app is recreational and is not designed to be used in an official capacity and is designed for quick reference, parents, athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts of the vault.

However we are adding the Big Gold Book converters on an update soon (after we compile the data).

Here is the market link to to install it on your phones:https://market.android.com/details?id=com.stabbysoftware.pvcompanion

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