Left arm/ plant critique

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Re: Left arm/ plant critique

Unread postby KirkB » Thu Mar 31, 2016 10:06 pm

McKee150 wrote: I've been working on a couple thing off the top of the pole, however my step is still under, and my left arm never presses up before collapsing ...

Don't worry about the top of your vault - that's the least of your worries. Fix the lower part of your vault (and your run/plant/takeoff), and the top part will automatically improve - without much extra effort or focus at all!

I can't see what your left arm is doing, because of the poor quality vid. When you have yourself videotaped, be sure to get your full run in, and your full body on takeoff. Quite often, a fault in the swing can be traced back to the run or the plant, so we need to see those parts too.

You are taking off under (I can see that the pole has bent before your takeoff). But no matter whether you're in or out, your pole is too soft. Do you see the timing of how you get a good (too good of a) bend; there's a definite pause; and then you get going again - vertically?

This is highly inefficient. Instead - with a stiffer pole - you should be gaining altitude during each and every millesecond of your vault. No pause! Even if you're not trying to pause (or slow down your swing and inversion), you are. The first part of solving this is to use a stiffer pole. This will likely require you to lower your grip, but at least you'll learn to vault properly.

Sometimes you need to take one step back to then take 2 steps forwards. :idea:

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Re: Left arm/ plant critique

Unread postby McKee150 » Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:59 am

I'll work on that today and see if I can get some better footage! I wish we had a shorter stiffer pole, but we don't have anything shorter that's got a heavier weight rating, I have a 14'6" 170, I might try lowering my grip to make the 14'6" 165 stiffer. Thanks for the input, I'll try to get the full vault in the next one.
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