how to fix the top of my vault

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how to fix the top of my vault

Unread postby Js1996 » Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:29 pm

Running 4L on a form day.
Gripping 12-8 on a 13' 160lbs sky-pole
bungee at 14-6 sagging to around 14'
after slowing the video down I feel like I'm not coming off the top of the pole. I also noticed that my hand grip looks to be wide. could that be causing a problem?

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Re: how to fix the top of my vault

Unread postby CoachEric » Fri Jun 27, 2014 10:18 am

Yes, a narrow handgrip is better than a wide handgrip.

Your video doesn't show your run, but I can tell you right away that that is where your biggest issues are. As you plant, I can see that your pole tip is well below where it should be for that instant in your plant motion. The pole tip should be at eye level as the plant is initiated 3 steps out. This allows you to accelerate into the plant and to get the plant as high as possible before takeoff.

As you takeoff, you are reacting to the impact of the box by putting pressure down on the pole. This slows pole rotation and prevents you from being able to drop your shoulders.

Practice your plant motion. ... specified/
Watch the girl in the videos do the drill on her own at the end of the second video. If you can do the drill that well, you will get better.

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