How to stay behind the pole? (With Video)

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How to stay behind the pole? (With Video)

Unread postby bb12334 » Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:01 pm

So I have been vaulting for 2 years. Right now I feel like I have good form on the top end of my jump but what is killing me is my inability to jump on larger poles. It is for this reason that I have been trying to improve my takeoff. The major flaw I have is that I don't stay behind the pole, and that immediately after takeoff my hips come in front of my body. I know that these are the problems and have tried to fix it, but with limited success.
Here are 2 videos from practices I have done, In the first one, the first few clips, I am just trying to stay behind the pole, and not let my hips get sucked under. But as you can see, it doesn't really work. ... el&list=UL
In the 2nd one I am just working on my takeoff the entire video. I am trying to fix my bottom arm which my coach thought was part of the problem with my hips. ... el&list=UL

The problem I am having is that I don't understand how to keep my hips back and my chest forward. I feel like after I takeoff of the pole hits the back of the box which causes my arm to slow down. Then because my chest is closer to my arm than my hips, my hips maintain full speed and just fly in front of my body. As soon as I takeoff, I am leaning back and my drive has stopped and I feel like I cannot wait. I have been trying for several practices on a 3 step with both stiff and bending poles but cannot seem to get it. If anyone has any idea what aspect of my takeoff is causing this I would love to know, because right now I know what to do but I don't know how to do it and what is stopping me from being successful.

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Re: How to stay behind the pole? (With Video)

Unread postby WiscoVaulter » Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:10 pm

I think, judging from your videos that you need to jump off the ground more, it will help you stay behind the pole and prevent your hips from getting sucked under. You can practice this from a three step and work your way back to your full run.
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Re: How to stay behind the pole? (With Video)

Unread postby das_1971 » Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:41 pm

1: fix your step, you tend to be under
2: jump up more (push off your toes)
3: arms up on take off
4: row up, out, and away from your body, not pulling.
5: and alwas always always keep the pole moving(refer to 4)
If you do this right, the pole won't bend so much, because you'll be jumping over the bend. Also the majority of the bend will be higher, which is what your looking for to get onto longer poles. A good drill is to really work push the limit on your straight pole drills. !GRADUALLY! and dont worry so much about getting upside down. work more on high plant, good step, and active hands in the air.

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