Mangled Translations

News about Elite US pole vaulters and elite competitions that occur on US soil.

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Mangled Translations

Unread postby VaultnGus » Thu Mar 20, 2003 1:13 am

Found some articles in Russian and German on the web regarding this past weekend's World Championships. Since I can't speak a word in either of these languages I tried the altavista translation service ( and here's what it spit out - great stuff


Svetlana Feofanova established/installed new world record - 4,80!

Svetlana Feofanova during the third day Of zchm-200e established/
installed new world record on the polevaultings in the compartment/
room - 4,80, after returning to herself the title of rekordsmenki
of peace/world, which it yielded exactly to two weeks to the American
woman Of stesi To dragile, which did not pass yesterday qualification.

Svetlana almost purely and in the solitude reached to 4,75, after
foregoing the initial height into 4,20, and it subjugated new
record height - 4,80 - from the second attempt, after
exceeding the previous record Of stesi Of dragily on 2 cm.

"this was the very technical competition, which continued until
someone makes an error," - said rekordsmenka of peace/world.-
"Isinbayeva jumped very well, and I was frightened by the fact that
it can conquer me, so that I was absorbed by its appearance".

"4 not to dumamyu, that in me would be some problems establish/
install new record.I jumped 4,70 and 4,75 very frequently.The thanks
to spectators and to the organizers of the winter championship of
peace/world, "- added Svetlana Feofanova.

Svetlana Feofanovoy's victory brought one additional gold medal team
Russia on the winter championship of peace/world and 50.000 dollars
OF THE USA personally to her, check to which to it entrusted
legendary shestovik of Sergey Bubka.


Out for Stacy Dragila - Annika Becker further

With the resound WM in Birmingham for Sunday in the woman staff
high jump planned Showdown between Weltrekordhalterin Stacy
Dragila and Europe best one, the Russian Svetlana Feofanova,
precipitates. The US Girl failed surprisingly because of the
qualification. On the other hand the German Annika Becker sovereign
drew into the final.

The world champion and Olympiasiegerin from the states afforded
with her entrance height of 4.30 meters a "Salto Nullo" and could
her misfortune hardly seize. Svetlana Feofanova began against it
only with the demanded 4.35 meters the elimination and made with
an attempt everything clear.

Also the Russian Yelena Isinbayeva and the Polin Monika Pyrek kept
a white waistcoat. The only DLV Starterin, Annika Becker, did not
afford with 4.10 meters an unsuccessful attempt, had however
otherwise with the 4.25 and 4.35 meters problems.


German double victory of the Stabis in Birmingham

The small German crew could cheer the two first medals with the
resound WM in Birmingham, after the stabhochspringer played
trumps largely. Tim Lobinger flew to the victory and also Michael
Stolle was in the crucial moment on the height of the happening
and got itself silver.

As first Athlet vogue in the last weeks the still flu-weakened Tim
Lobinger over 5.80 meters and placed itself thereby the signs on
gold, after it had already jumped over before also 5.60 and 5.75
meters in the first attempt.

5.75 meters was also the height, which mastered Michael Stolle and
with which it on the second place catapulted themselves. When 5.85
meters presented and tried the Leverkusener, the jump failed it.
He fell unfortunately into the einstichkasten and remained only
once fastened lying. After a few instants it had then aufgerappelt
itself however despite some concern folds over the recent foot
injury again.

Bronze went predominantly to resident "flying dutchman" Rens Blom
(5.75 m) to that into Leverkusen. Black-red-golden the
stabhochsprung of the men in that could not have ended national to
indoor arena! Therefore also Tim Lobinger meant not in vain: "the
result was nearly as with a German championship."


Svetlana Feofanova triumphs with world record with a new world
record height of 4.80 meters ended on the last day of the resounding
world championship in Birmingham as crowning highlight of the title
fights the stabhochsprung of the women. The Europarekordhalterin
Svetlana Feofanova vogue itself in the second attempt in Abstinenz
of the US American Stacy Dragila, which had back-captured for
straight times two weeks the Bestmarke, already failed in the
qualification, over the record-promising slat.

Von smaller one than staff high jump legend Sergej Bubka did not
get afterwards it the premium cheque over 50.000 US dollar
presented. The Russian won after an impressing conception before
her land woman Yelena Isinbayeva (4.60 m). The match-strong Polin
Monika Pyrek, which mastered 4.45 meters, secured itself the third
place and so that to its collection could take up further medal.
The Erfurterin Annika Becker missed medal as only German
Hoehenjaegerin. With its third attempt over 4.55 meters the German
Rekordhalterin could themselves have improved this height of fifth
on the third position, was in this Sunday afternoon however for the
red tuft traveled with hopes too high. is simply only annoying, it
gives not much to say?, commentated a word-meager Annika Becker,
which haderte with the many interruptions during the match,
afterwards disappoints its result of 4.45 meters with altogether
two unsuccessful attempts up to this height, which finally decided
against medal. :D
"Will vault for food"


Unread postby zack » Thu Mar 20, 2003 1:22 am

Hey Gus if you ever need help translating German I might be able to help ya. ;)

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Unread postby TreyDECA » Thu Mar 20, 2003 2:36 am

me too
8700... mark it down

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Unread postby jumpinvik » Thu Mar 20, 2003 9:26 am

i can translate russian

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