USATF Indoors - Take your guesses at the start list!

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Re: USATF Indoors - Take your guesses at the start list!

Unread postby ADTF Academy » Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:12 pm

There is only 1 standard for indoor. 5.72 or nothing. No B standards so place only matters if you go 5.72 or have the standard already.

As you put it the bigger question would be will the powers to be take someone who is hurt (sadly Roth) and only makes 5.20 (depending whats the opening bar). For that matter worst case scenario would they be tempted to offer the spots to Brad/Derek/Jeremy even if Derek/Jeremy don't compete and no one who has the standard makes a bar at Nationals and no one else makes standard at Nationals. Should be quite the competition. Will be fun to watch. A test run to what the Olympic Trails may be like.

Is having two athletes at the World Indoors Championship the most important factor or is sending athletes who can be competitive. Either way Scott Roth has the standard and deserves the right to earn the experience of going to Indoor Worlds if no one else can jump 5.72 this weekend and Jeremy and Derek don't show up. I'm sure it will depend on if he makes a few bars as well.

I really hope a few of the guys can go out and make 5.72 and put all this to rest.

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