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Texas Relays

Unread postby BritDawg118 » Thu Mar 25, 2004 1:39 pm

Hey, just wondering who all was coming to Texas Relays next weekend!
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Unread postby KYLE ELLIS » Thu Mar 25, 2004 3:11 pm

Me and Brandon will be there... Dont know who else
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Unread postby opalkak » Thu Mar 25, 2004 3:20 pm

I won't find out for a couple of days

hope to see you all there
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Unread postby OAKPV2004 » Thu Mar 25, 2004 9:58 pm

im going, cant wait.

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Unread postby pvprincess » Thu Mar 25, 2004 10:31 pm

Im going!!! :D Unfortunatly my coach wont let me jump because she said that she thinks since it is my first year i just need to experience what goes on there before i take on the competition, but my fellow team mate will be attending and taking her best shot! GOod luck to all!!!!
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Unread postby PVJunkie » Fri Mar 26, 2004 3:32 pm

The Gill guy (me) will be there. As will Barto, Erica, possibly JJ.............

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Unread postby OAKPV2004 » Fri Mar 26, 2004 9:48 pm

Entries for High school and college:

Event 128 Men Pole Vault Section A Univ/Coll
Name Year School
1 Branden Bennett SR New Mexico
2 Russ Buller Asics
3 Paul Condron SR Florida
4 Jim Davis Unattached
5 Eric Eshbach SR Nebraska
6 Brandon Glenn FR Arizona State
7 Kurt Hanna Olympic Training
8 Tye Harvey New Balance
9 Chip Heuser FR Florida
10 Bryan Hunter Motorolla
11 Donovan Kilmartin FR Texas
12 Yoo Kim JR UCLA
13 Jarno Kivioja FR Northern Iowa
14 Austin Landreth JR Oklahoma
15 Pat Luke SR UCLA
16 Bobby Most SO Texas Tech
17 Kevin Opalka SR Arizona
18 Trent Powell JR BYU
19 Robison Pratt SO BYU
20 John Russel SO Akron
21 Daniel Ryland Earl Bell Traini
22 Jeremy Scott SR Arkansas
23 Tommy Skipper FR Oregon
24 Brad Teeple SR Nebraska
25 Sage Thames SO Texas Tech
26 Jared Thornhill JR Texas Tech
27 Daniel Trosclair SR LSU
28 Trevor Woods SR Oregon

Event 82 Men Pole Vault Section B Univ/Coll
Name Year School
1 Cory Aguilar SO Abilene Christia
2 Gable Baldwin FR Nebraska
3 Brandon Banda So Cowley College
4 P.J. Brown SR Arkansas
5 Tyson Byers SO Washington State
6 Francisco Cannock JR Incarnate Word
7 Alex Cantu SR Houston
8 Jon Derby JR Oregon
9 Jimmy Duke SO Arkansas
10 Mike Landers FR UCLA
11 McKane Lee FR Washington
12 Brandon Mahler So South Plains
13 Scott Martin Oklahoma
14 Stephen Martin SO Texas
15 Jason Matthews SR Texas A&M
16 Brandon McFarling FR Texas
17 David Moore SO Oregon
18 Paul Nicoletti JR Washington State
19 Darren Niedermeyer JR Wisconsin
20 Cameron Nott JR McNeese State
21 Daniel Patton JR Houston
22 Kevin Poest SR Akron
23 Sam Roberts SO Washington
24 Robert Sparks SR Navy
25 Justin Sutton JR Texas A&M
26 Drew Terry SO Texas
27 Ken Wilson SR Texas Tech
28 Jeff Wyszynski So South Plains

Event 119 Women Pole Vault Section A Univ/Coll
Name Year School
1 Ally Daum SR Rice
2 Leslie Dunlap SR Oklahoma
3 Dana Ellis-Buller Oakley/Brooks
4 Kate Gorry SO Rice
5 Jessie Graff FR Nebraska
6 Jenny Green FR Nebraska
7 Lacy Janson JR Florida State
8 Chelsea Johnson UCLA
9 Christi Lehman JR Nebraska
10 Jennifer Lincoln SR Arkansas
11 Stacie Manuel SO Arkansas
12 Stevie Marshalek FR Washington
13 Jacqueline Nguyen UCLA
14 Laura Olson SR Buffalo
15 Kira Sims SR Akron
16 Kate Soma JR Washington

Event 88 Women Pole Vault Section B Univ/Coll
Name Year School
1 Erin Anderson JR Arkansas
2 Stephanie Beberniss SR Concordia NE
3 Lindsey Bourne JR Oklahoma
4 Katie Curtis SR Auburn
5 Tamara Diles SO Washington State
6 Jodi Driggers FR Arkansas
7 Katie Eckley JR Abilene Christia
8 Emily Enders FR Oregon
9 Devon Fox SO Oklahoma
10 Val Gorter JR Abilene Christia
11 Krista Grantham SO Texas Tech
12 Libby Harmon FR Kansas
13 Ashley Hulsey FR Texas
14 Alissa Koerner SR Nebraska
15 Jaime Kolar UCLA
16 Kirsten Larwin SR Oregon
17 Jocelyn Lindsey SO Purdue
18 Karla McGee SR Washington State
19 Mallory Rodgers SO Texas
20 Dana Rosenbladt SO Texas Tech
21 Jennie Sewell SO Sam Houston
22 Lacey Smith FR Texas
23 Kim Stuyvesant JR Texas
24 Danielle Taylor SR Charlotte
25 Rachel Viau SO Oral Roberts
26 Erin Wessely JR Kansas
27 Ashley Wildhaber SO Washington

Event 101 Girls Pole Vault Section A High School
Name Year School
1 Erin Blackstock 12 Jenks OK
2 Christa Coppin 12 Smithson Valley
3 Danielle Dorsey 12 Cedar Park HS
4 Hali Henderson 11 Clifton HS
5 Jessica Hoppe 12 Flower Mound Mar
6 Ari Ince 09 Gonzales
7 Kristen Keith 10 Southlake Carrol
8 Darby Kelly 11 Southlake Carrol
9 Ashley Laughlin 12 Marble Falls
10 Britni Lawrence 12 Hays Consolidate
11 Ashley Ligon 12 Kingwood HS
12 Brittany McFarling 12 A&M Consolidated
13 Laura Mikeska 12 Frisco HS
14 Britany Parker 10 McKinney HS
15 Anne Phillips 12 Trinity Valley
16 Tommie Powers 12 Birdville HS
17 Michelle Ruiz 09 Lake View HS
18 Leslie Starnes 10 Rockdale HS
19 Jessica Trujillo 11 Arlington Martin
20 Sarah Watson 10 Tomball
21 Michelle Wiesehan 12 Harlingen High S
22 Kristina Windham 12 Calhoun High Sc

Event 95 Boys Pole Vault Section A High School
Name Year School
1 Ty Barrington 12 Southlake Carrol
2 Jarod Buddin 11 Southlake Carrol
3 Dustin Bynum 12 Flour Bluff HS
4 Scott Duckworth 12 Klein Oak
5 Mason Feindeisen 12 Yoakum
6 Chayden Feist 11 Comanche HS (TX)
7 Sal Gonzales 12 Los Fresnos
8 Jimmy Health Rio Hondo
9 Clint Hughes 11 Livingston
10 Jordan Morales 12 Albany TX HS
11 Jared Parker 12 Round Rock McNei
12 Derrick Vinkleark 12 Yoakum
13 Daniel Wallace 12 San Antonio Reag
14 Nick Watson 12 Coppell HS
15 Tyler Whitham 12 Cinco Ranch

MAN! What a HUGE meet in that college section. I can't wait to compete but I also can't wait to see this huge group of collge vaulters.

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Unread postby bjvando » Fri Mar 26, 2004 10:49 pm

you call that a meet?!?!, what a bunch of " no names!"


looks like something BIG's going to happen there, g'lcuk everyone.
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Unread postby CowtownPV » Sat Mar 27, 2004 1:22 pm

28 vaulters in the college A group starting at 3 oclock. The meet will be over by the time the bar gets very high. The 4x400 is at 4:30 (several races). Hope they open with a high bar.
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