Convincing parents into letting me do Pole Vault.

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Convincing parents into letting me do Pole Vault.

Unread postby mdgirl234 » Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:34 pm

Hi, I started pole vault like last year and wanted to keep doing it but because this is my junior year in high school I couldn't participate in any sports. :( I love pole vaulting but at the same time I hated the feeling of not improving. I asked my parents if I can go to a pole vault clinic in the summer when all exams are done. They said no because of college apps and I was going to get injured.... However I'm going to college in state because that's what I can afford and I told them I would be paying the payment for the clinics but they still said no. Like I don't want to regret anything my senior year and I already sacrificed so much this year and last year, I just wanted to do the clinics over the summer so that I can become a better athlete and pursue it in college if I'm able to. I was injured last season because I over worked my muscles (planter fasciitis) from running and was still able to get a varsity letter. The alumnis told me that pole vaulter rarely get injured unless they do something dumb or they're elite vaulters. I enjoy watching the reruns of the Olympics and other videos of people vaulting and really want to clear in my senior year! Please I don't know what else to do like because I was injured I was helping the officials at the meet especially around the pole vault area. I am a hard working student athlete and can complete rigorous workouts! Also, Ive been going to the gym and asking both the wrestling and track coaches for workout plans for core, upper body, and speed.

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Re: Convincing parents into letting me do Pole Vault.

Unread postby vaultmd » Tue Nov 24, 2015 7:59 pm

The best way to position your request is by stating you would be less likely to get injured if you were to go to a reputable clinic and become informed about some of the mistakes young vaulters and inexperienced (not saying your coach is inexperienced, though) coaches make. The more informed you are, and the more you are shown how to vault properly, the less likely you are to get injured.

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