Resistance Training for the Swing Up

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Resistance Training for the Swing Up

Unread postby advath » Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:18 pm

We all do resistance training to get stronger for running, jumping and throwing. What exercises are best for resistance training to get inverted? With most swing up exercises (rope, rings, bars, poles hanging from a rope at an angle...) the first thing that happens when the vaulter tries to invert is the hands move in front of the shoulders with very little resistance. Most of the time in these drills the vaulter uses this big back leg/body swing to generate momentum to invert. This doesn't help shoulder, abdominal or hip flexor strength much. One of the best drills is to push the vaulters shoulders forward as they invert on a chin up bar. The problem with this is the coach gets tired, there is little leverage to hold the shoulders forward and the hips do not get pushed.

With the Pole Vault Swing-Up Rack the coach has the leverage to push or hold the vaulters shoulders forward for multiple reps and sets. With the PVSUR the coach can push and hold the vaulter and a lesser angle making it easier for the vaulter to swing up if they don't have the strength, then give less push as the vaulter gains strength. FOR ADVANCED POLE VAULTERS with the PVSUR the coach can hold the shoulders just in front of the bar creating resistance the entire swing up. With the PVSUR unlike other inverting exercises and apparatus the vaulter can stay in the same position as in the pole vault (shoulders in front of the top hand). See photo comparison

Instagram use #swinguprack to see videos of clubs and schools around the USA using the Pole Vault Swing-Up Rack

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