Tape on pole effects flex number???

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Tape on pole effects flex number???

Unread postby Biased Carp » Tue Apr 26, 2016 3:49 pm

So the other day I heard a couple guys talking about an article their dad read stating something along the lines of "if you have a lot of tape on your pole it can add a flex number to the pole" now iv tried searching far and wide looking for the article and his dad says he cannot find it either, so I'm asking you guys does this sound like something that could be true or has anyone heard of this?

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Re: Tape on pole effects flex number???

Unread postby KirkB » Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:08 pm

Sounds like hogwash to me. :no:

Even if that was true, what is the point of the people that are saying that?

Are they saying that a tight wrap of tape would stiffen up the pole so that the pole will fit you better? :confused:

You could certainly add wraps of fiberglass to the pole, but that would really make the pole difficult to jump on, because (1) it would be heavier to carry; and (2) it wouldn't be wrapped "professionally" (you'd have to wrap almost the entire length of the pole, and it would have to be a very THIN wrap), so it would be of very poor quality - and way too stiff. It would be a waste of a good pole.

I'm not even suggesting anyone try this, I'm just saying that it's ridiculous!

And wrapping with tape (instead of fiberglass) would be even more ridiculous! Think about it: Is cloth tape elastic (does it spring back to its original shape)? :confused:

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