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What pole to use

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:00 am
by Bombshellbell
I currently am jumping between two poles a 12'4 140 altius carbon gripping around 11'3-11'6 and a 12'4 150 altius fiberglass gripping 11' 5-12 my pr on the carbon is 10 and the 150 is 10'6 now I'm trying to decide on what pole to move to i have a 12'4 altius 160, 13' rocket 145 and a 13'3 altius carbon 155

i weigh 135-137 so im stuck with what pole to use and what grip to start with if i move poles?

Re: What pole to use

Posted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:56 pm
by GasPasser
Flex numbers on these poles would be helpful. However, it is difficult to compare poles/flex #'s across brands/makes of poles.

First a little info on weight ratings. The weight rating is based on a test of the flex of the pole over a given span. A range of flex #'s is used for each weight rating. Weights ratings are every 5 lbs. Depending on where the flex number falls, you could have a pole rated at 145, that is not all that much stiffer than one rated at 140 if the 140 is near the top of its range and the 145 is near the bottom of its range of flex.

Next,let me give you a rule of thumb on how grip affects pole stiffness. If you grip 6 inches below the weight label, it will feel like the pole is 10 lbs stiffer. So if you hold at the top of a 12-140, but hold at 11'6", it will feel very similar to holding at 11'6 on a 11'6"-150. Likewise, 12" of grip change is 20 lbs of stiffness. So holding at the top of a 12-140 is pretty much the same as holding at 12' on a 13-120. Therefore, 3" of grip change is 5 lbs of stiffness, 1" = 1.67 lbs.

Given the info you have provided, I'd suggest you stick with the 12'4" Altius poles.

The 140 Carbon - your grip is giving you between 160-155 lbs of stiffness (higher grip gives lower stiffness)
The 150 glass - your grip is giving you between 168-155 lbs of stiffness (more stiffness = Higher PR)
The 160 Altius - grip between 11'9"- top, that should give you about 160-170 lbs of stiffness

This naturally assumes you can hold that high and safely make it into the pit. Depending on your run, you may need to add another step or two to hold higher on that stiffer pole.

Another option is to use the same grip you use on the 150 Altius on the 13-145 Rocket and see how that feels.

You are fortunate that you hove more poles to choose from than most other HS vaulters. Good luck.

Re: What pole to use

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 1:23 pm
by Bombshellbell
Thank you for your input and I wanna look at the flex rating tmro and see what I have and then I can post them up

Re: What pole to use

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:36 am
by Bombshellbell
i got the flex of the poles ,

12'4 160-5.9
12'4 150-6.6
12'4 140-6.9
13' 145-20.9
13'3 155-6.7