Sliding Box construction

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Sliding Box construction

Unread postby Gary_vaulter » Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:39 pm

I am in need of building a sliding box for use on a gym floor.
I plan is to do the standard "2x4 on plywood" construction with carpet on the underside to keep from scratching up the gym floor.
My question is, does anyone have an option on the best weight for one of these?
My very limited experience with these indicated that you do want some resistance when you plant into the back of it.

Thoughts or any actual building suggestions are appreciated.


1/15/16 UPDATE - I constructed this thing last Monday night and got a chance to use it on Wed.
Used 2x4 on 1/4" sanded plywood. Put it together with "beefy" screws and construction glue ("Liquid Nails"). I considered using 2x6 to give a better psychological feel of the depth of the box (and lesson the chance of a pole bouncing out) but I was afraid of the extra weight.
I also glued a piece of old carpet to the bottom for use on a gym floor. Can't tell you the weight but it feels pretty good.
Had a #150 guy who took right to it. Seemed to give just the right resistance.
Had a #115 pound girl (with MUCH more experience) who was afraid of it and took most of the session before she'd really commit to the plant. After that it seemed like it was going to work for her as well.
Now I just have to convince the school to let us in the gym after BB practice is over. :(

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Re: Sliding Box construction

Unread postby monteo » Sun Jan 31, 2016 9:12 pm

Good luck convincing the school - I wouldn't even try at mine as the BB floor gets more respect than a shrine. It sounds like you got the weight right, but I've seen weight plates from the weight room used to add weight for drills that don't involve planting, and that works very well.

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Re: Sliding Box construction

Unread postby Jake_Wireman » Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:49 pm

word of advise, a sliding box is a bad drill, teach bad habits and I've seen people get hurt doing it. teach them the correct way. do wall drills, stubby pole drills, pool drills if possible. Ive talked to many experts and they all talk bad about sliding boxes

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