Help with Street Vault Planning

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Help with Street Vault Planning

Unread postby Peakathleticspv » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:52 am

I have been planning a street vault the last few years and after traveling around to several street vaults I think I am finally prepared to do one. I have the help and the backing to do it the way that I feel will run smooth. Maybe not as big as I have planned, but at least be a great competition as well as event not just pole vault. I was not willing to throw together an event just for the sake of throwing together an event. If I'm going to run one, it's going to be done the right way.

Event Description
The event would have 2 pits facing the same direction on a road in front of a brewery and minor league stadium. The event will run from 9am-11ish pm. We will have the street blocked off for 2 blocks and would have food trucks, raffles, live music later in the day,inflatables and local street vendors (selling their merchandise). The event will be open container complaint and so you will be able to have your drinks from the brewery and the bar on the outside of the ball park. We will have 6 open groups 3 on each pit, 2 emerging elite groups 1 on each pit, and 2 elite groups. Event would be in Birmingham, AL.

Questions I'd like to ask

For the open athletes and parents:
Due to time most street vaults run in one foot increments for a few bars until it gets down to a certain number of people so that they can stay on some sort of time frame. Would it be better to go a weird increment (say 9") the whole time?

This will be a fund raiser and community event for a non profit. That being said spectators would pay an entrance fee to come in and be a part of this event, but will also receive drink (21+) and food sample tickets. Would this deter you from coming to such an event?

For Elites

This first year I would love to raise enough money on the front end to cover both travel fees for everyone as well as prize money. If your hotel and your travel were the only thing I could pay for this first year would that deter you from wanting to participate?

Heights for elites and emerging elites would be adapted to fit the field. 15cm increment changes to start, 10 cm, then potentially 5 cm. Is this acceptable for the group?

If the event was held between NCAAs and USAs on June 23rd is that too close to USAs for you to want to compete in an event?

This is a more free form question. What are things that you liked at other street vaults that you think everyone of them should have? What are things that you have seen at other street vaults that definitely don't need to be there?

Thank you for any help that you can offer. I have helped set up and do day of things for the dauphin street vault in Mobile, but this will be the first one I have ever planned from scratch so any other advice will be helpful. If you'd rather contact me through email feel free. Thanks!

Chris Spear

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