Correct Run Makes The Vault Safer

Discussion about ways to make the sport safer and discussion of past injuries so we can learn how to avoid them in the future.
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Correct Run Makes The Vault Safer

Unread postby dj » Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:57 pm

good morning,

leg length is not an issue in a correct six step "MID" or in stride length........

speed is a product of stride length and stride frequency.. runners running the same speed have been shown/measured scientifically to have the same stride lengths at the same speeds... the "human" stride frequency ability ratio difference (one runner having a greater frequency with longer or shorter strides) is so minute that over a 100 meter sprint there can only be a maximum of 2" per stride from one runner to the next..

that is less than one foot/30cm from a 6 step mid check point.

hand grip is proportionate to speed (technique being equal) so vaulters gripping the same height (of course they need to be gripping at a point that allows them to get the pole to vertical) should have a very similar "coaches check point 6 steps from the take off.

The chart is scientifically, proportionately based off a – vault height- grip- to six step mid check point. Originally, 1971, by comparing an average 14 foot vault with the average 16 foot vault.

The best coaches in the country and world recommend "pole runs".. running the approach with the pole as the best way to gain speed and accuracy in the approach run.

I use the chart numbers to "set-up" each vaulter, based on their speed, with the best run and approach run speed training.

Side note. Safety..

We have been discussing vault safety… check the video of Jan talking about what the kid did that fell in the box but had the box collar to "save" him!

He said the problem started with the run! If you have a six step point that you know is "reasonable" for your vaulter you have the ability to "correct" the run more quickly and save the athlete from "crashing"! you even have the ability to yell to the athlete to stop if they are way off and "beginner" enough to not know any better than to try and go up from a "stretched" totally off run..

The correct run makes for a much, much safer vault… safety committee… FIX THE RUN!

EVERY vault injury (or death), in my opinion, has started with the run and the "correct" proportions of grip to speed to "MID" (six step mid.. a four step DOES NOT WORK IN THE SAME WAY.)

I'll get off my box.. but after 42! Years I think as coaches and athletes we need to wake up or continue to have more injuries, more deaths, more "rules" for the lawyers..

Safe vaulting starts with the run and the basic logic of "get the pole to vertical"…


PS this is a "minor" one!/photo.php?v= ... =2&theater

PSS..!/photo.php?v= ... =2&theater

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