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Video Review

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 3:06 pm
by MMessy3
Age: 19
Pole: 13'1ft 165
Gripping: 12'6
Bungee: 13ft
Just looking for some feedback. I've been trying some new things some are working and some aren't hope I can get some new things to try from your feedback.
Issues: I'm taking off under, left arm bent, getting under the pole to quick, can't get inverted or explode off the top of the pole
Bungee @12'6

Re: Video Review

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 5:03 pm
by KirkB
On your first vid (Homestead Practice #1), you landed dangerously close to the box. You need to have a grip and sufficient forwards momentum to ALWAYS land in the coaches box (well into the pit).

This thread might help you:

Other points ...

You need a more controlled run. As you must be aware, it's not good technique to be bobbing the pole back-and-forth so much during your run. Keep it steady.

You're under - as you're aware. You need to take off further back.

You're overstriding on your last few steps - which is why you're under.

Most importantly, you have no swing. Once you take off, you bend your trail leg and keep it bent. In fact, you're almost hitting your butt with your heel - at a time when your heel should be at its furthest AWAY from your butt! You need to learn how to swing your trail leg long and straight. This swinging action should be like kicking a soccer ball - with your leg fully extended. Practice this on a highbar or rings.

MMessy3 wrote: I'm taking off under, left arm bent, getting under the pole to quick ...

Your left arm is OK - don't worry about it. Just get a better takeoff - further "out".

MMessy3 wrote: ... can't get inverted or explode off the top of the pole

You can't invert or explode off the top because of all the flaws on and just after takeoff. Read the other post, practice what I suggest (on highbar or rings), and you'll improve your PR substantially.

Good luck.


Re: Video Review

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:49 pm
by MMessy3
Thanks for the feedback you actually confirmed everything I've been trying to fix except for the left arm situation I actually thought I should work on it. You are definitely right I am aware that the bobbing while running is effecting my vault which is why I've been working on running with my left arm stationed near my body. I do it because it feels more comfortable during my run but at the same time it effects my timing when trying to plant. Now the run itself I've noticed that im under due to my "cross country stride" and I've tried to counteract that by running with less stride and more high knee motion(not seen in these videos). Is that the right way to go about fixing that issue or does it have something to do with my steps? As for the tucking of my left leg its a bad habit that I just don't seem to be able to break. Even when I practice swinging on a highbar it doesn't transition to when I get on the pole. Any suggestions? I'll make sure to post another vid this week of me running with the pole with the feedback you gave me in mind and hopefully you'll let me know if you see improvement.

Re: Video Review

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:11 pm
by KirkB

When you practice swinging on the highbar, you need to do it so many times (dozens per day; hundreds per week; thousands per year) that you just can't swing any other way on the pole. This is called "muscle memory". The reason this is important is that you have too many things to think of on takeoff, so your body needs to be able to do some technical things without even thinking about them.

As for your run, there's been other posts recently that talk about that. Search for "ostrich".

I look forward to seeing your improvements in some new vids, as you progress. Train hard, have fun, be safe, and good luck!


Re: Video Review

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:56 pm
by MMessy3
That video with the "ostrich run" is super helpful I'm definitely going to incorporate it into my run hopefully that gives me some more control down the runway leading to a better vault. I get what you're saying about the swinging haven't done it enough for it to be second nature. Thanks for the feedback again and I'll definitely have some new footage for you soon.