Critique my vault.

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Critique my vault.

Unread postby spencershade » Thu Apr 28, 2016 8:28 pm

Hi guys I'm 18 and I weight 155. I just hit a PR of 13'6" on a 14', 165lbs UCS pole. I'm very happy and my form has come long way since I started last spring season (11th grade). I want to be able to jump over my top hand grip and I would like someone to critique my vault. I also want to some to answer my question....

How long into the the drive phase do you stay "tall" and when do you break at the hips?

Here's the 13'6" jump sorry for the portrait video orientation.

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Re: Critique my vault.

Unread postby KirkB » Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:38 pm

spencershade wrote: How long into the the drive phase do you stay "tall" and when do you break at the hips?

Well, are you purposely trying to take off under? If you watch your pole in the vid, it bends well before your takeoff foot leaves the ground.

So I think you need to start with the basics - the run, plant, and takeoff - and get that right before you worry about "drive phase", and "staying tall", and "breaking at the hips".

Take a look at my comments to Archer here:

Your situations are very similar. Just go by what I advised Archer.

Nice going on the 13-6. Now let's get back to basics.

Hint: "Staying tall" should be worded more like "getting tall", and once your trail leg foot leaves the ground, you shouldn't STAY tall - you should SWING ... like Bubka! :idea:

Run. Plant. Jump. Stretch. Whip. Extend. Fly. Clear. There is no tuck! THERE IS NO DELAY!

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