Stuck at 10' 6"

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Stuck at 10' 6"

Unread postby apunx176 » Fri Apr 22, 2016 12:41 am

So last year I made 10' 6" in a meet, and the first meet this year I got 10' 6". Since then we have had 4 meets and I have gotten 10' at every single one. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong so I have some slow motion video that I'd like to be reviewed
Bar height: 9' - 10' 6" (the ones that I miss are 10' 6")
Pole stats: 12' 4" long, 160 lbs weight limit, it has been used a lot
Vaulter stats: 5' 8" tall, 158 lbs, 17 years old, senior, this is my 2nd year vaulting
I usually grip the pole almost at the top. Sometimes I move down a bit to experiment. ...

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Re: Stuck at 10' 6"

Unread postby GasPasser » Mon Apr 25, 2016 9:51 am

I don't think your problem is your pole or your grip. You are consistently not getting your hands/arms all the way up on your plant. This results in a very poor position to swing from - and you therefore can't get your hips up. But you also have a problem leading into the plant - it's your pole drop/carry. In your videos, I see you running several steps into the plant with the pole shoulder high - it looks like you are running with a harpoon to get the whale. No offense, just an analogy.

Drills to help you:

Pole carry & drop - pole runs on the track into a towel or slide box. Do a search on this site for pole drop & pole carry. Here's some reading and videos on pole drop....

Plant - practice planting by standing still and walk plants. Use a stubby in front of a mirror to watch and coach yourself to do it correctly. Build muscle memory of the proper motion and timing. It can also be incorporated into the pole run drills above.
Here's more reading and videos on the Plant.... (there are many plant videos on that same channel)

If you fix these problems, you will be able to use bigger poles and higher grips.

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