Invert issues

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Invert issues

Unread postby lmshil » Thu Apr 14, 2016 6:48 pm People keep telling me that if I invert itll add a good 2 feet higher on my vault and after watching a video from a recent practice i finally see why, However im really struggling getting inverted I only bring my feet up and dont drop my shoulders. How should I work on this and what are some drills i can do to help it. In the video: Pole is a 14'3 155 carbon altius gripping at about 13'3, bungee is at 12'6, im 5'10 160, and a 100m time of 12.5. Thanks
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Re: Invert issues

Unread postby GasPasser » Thu Apr 21, 2016 9:47 am

Two big things are preventing you from inverting.

1. No swing - you are bending your tail leg and pulling both knees into your chest. That's not going to allow you to get your hips up high enough to invert.

2. You are "blocking out" with your bottom arm in an apparent effort to bend the pole. It also hurts the ability to swing. You ultimately want to swing from your top hand.

There are plenty of posts/drills/videos of straight trail leg swings on this site - do some searching. A good cue is: "kick the box" after take-off. A long body/straight trail-leg swing gives you the momentum to get your hips up to get inverted.

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