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thanks for the help master.
ryansanta, In evaluating the movie you posted. There are a couple of things that come to mind... 1.) next time try to get the person doing the filming to move away from the runway if possible. You can't see your pole carry from the side which tends to hide part of the plant. 2.) as Master observed and I agree there are a lot of things that you are doing very well.
First. You seem to be carrying the pole with your right hand behind your body. This requires you to push your hand forward and around the body to plant. The timing seems to be pretty good from the timing of the pole descent! You don't seem to be planting late, but moving your top hand from behind the hip to overhead tends to keep the top hand behind your take off step! That puts you under!!! Try moving your right hand to infront of your hip before you hit your mid or about 45 (not a scientific number just an estimate) feet from the box. Then bring your hand up past your face on the plant. As master mentioned it knocked his cap off if done correctly. This should help you to penetrate into the pit.

You are reaching for the bar at the top. This indicates to me that you don't "feel" like you are going to make it so you reach your feet for the bar. That is a reaction to being under or feeling like you are under! If you can get the hand in front and push up with your feet (you have a nice take off) at the take off you should start to land in the middle of the pit with ease. That will enable you to pull closer to the pole at the finish. You are "flagging" because you are reaching for the bar! When you release while reaching you push the pole away instead of pushing your body up the pole!!
Okay too much rambling!! I hope this is helpful! My objective here is to help each of us to become better vaulters and realize our best..
Coach J

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