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New Indoor PR- 15' 3"

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:12 pm
by WiscoVaulter
Hey guys.

I jumped 15' 3" at our first indoor meet of the season. I'm a senior in high school. The video is here:

I'm running 6 lefts from 86 feet with my grip at 14' 4" using a 15' 180 (I believe it was this, it could have been a 175, I was running through poles like crazy this meet and they all kind of blurred together). This year I have been running across and interesting problem. I've have been consistently hitting a foot to a foot and a half out from my mid, however I've been slightly under to perfectly on the entire year, in meets and practice. My first thought was that I was striding out but nothing seems to jump out at me when I watch my videos. I know that I'm much faster then I was last year at this time.

Here is some film from May of last year of me jumping 15' 3" for the first time. The pole is a 15' 7" 175, the biggest pole I have ever used and there was a tailwind that day.

Any feedback is appreciated and thanks for taking a look!

Re: New Indoor PR- 15' 3"

Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:04 pm
by Biased Carp
hey man i just wanna say congrats on your vault. I was there today and got out on my 12'6" vaults but man i learned so much from watching you. thanks for putting on a show. best of luck on your season hope to see you at state!

Re: New Indoor PR- 15' 3"

Posted: Sun Apr 06, 2014 2:05 am
by WiscoVaulter
Yo! I'm not sure which vaulter you were but thanks. It means a lot and i'm glad you learned some stuff. I still have a lot to work on as well. I see your PR is 13 so we both didn't do as well as w had hoped but I'm sure there are some positives for you after this meet. I know that i finally got to a 7L approach which felt amazing, and my grip was higher then it ever was before.

Good luck on the rest of your season and hopefully I see you at state!

Re: New Indoor PR- 15' 3"

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 10:10 am
by CoachEric
Your step is under because you have gotten faster and you need to raise your grip.

I will assume that you are using the mid mark chart, so your 14'4" grip puts your mid at 48' or close to it. If you're consistently hitting around 49'6" and your step is close to being on, your grip should probably be closer to 14'10". You're turning the pole over quickly and cutting your swing short on your 14'4" grip, so raise your grip gradually, and 14'10" shouldn't be a problem. Your mid should be at 49'6" or within a foot of that.

Also, I would suggest that you move your run back. 12 steps is far to short for someone as fast or technically proficient as you are, and short runs reduce the accuracy of the mid because you have not fully accelerated before you hit the mid. . You should be at 16 steps or farther. This will probably change your mid and your grip again.

As for your vault, focus on creating as much space with the arms as possible at takeoff, and allow your hands to move up and back as much as possible post-takeoff. More elastic movement allows for more power in the swing. Keep pressure up on the pole over your head. You are breaking the pressure with the bottom hand and pulling on the pole. This is shortening your swing, and you are muscling yourself to inversion instead of whipping your hips to the top hand.

Congrats on your PR. Make some adjustments and you should expect to see more PRs soon.

Re: New Indoor PR- 15' 3"

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:23 pm
by WiscoVaulter
Thank you! And I jumped from a 7L for the first time this past meet. The goal is to get to 8L by the end of the year. Also, my grip increased to 14' 11" for the first time ever. I only jumped 15 but I had huge hip heights and just needed some more adjustments that I didn't have from bailing out on my first attempt at 15 6 due to being very under.