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Lady jumpers .Help needed how fast did you go through poles?

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 3:43 am
by mtisfullofit
I am a coach and I have a daughter that in her freshman year was jumping 10' on a 12' pole and was doing the straight pole flag out pole thing many young jumpers do. Last year she jumped 10' 6" on a 12'-6" 150 which gave her a PB but was getting stuck in the bucket with this jump.
We jumped at a college camp this last weekend getting ready for the spring and I can see her work outs have paid off and i can see she will be getting totally inverted this year. she now weighs 138 lbs and is using a 140 12-6" a 145 12-6" and we have the 12-6" 150 which she should with another 5 lbs of muscle be able to move. Mind you this is the first time she has hit a mat in 6 months.....midwest and rural...
I am running out of poles and need first hand experience from someone who has went through this progression.......Did you go through poles once you started to get total invert? She will be the first girl I have coached to make a total invert....What will this do to her heights? I may be looking at renting poles so i want to be prepared !!!!!
Thanks ladies for the input.