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Re-extension of the plant

Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:11 am
by PVDaddy
To me it makes clear sense that the arms (Bottom mostly) should be pushed up and away from the swing foot in the natural direction ( Not adjacent) the pole is moving and bending? The pole and the vaulter are both bent and strained while in this position, into two parallel arcs. Does not the upward and forward pressure of both hands (The bottom primarily) coming out of penetration have the benefit of maintaining constant strain along the full length of the pole and the vaulters body (Both arcs)? Would not this continuous strain have the benefit of increasing the speed and torque of the whip across what I term the full body coil as it is moving away from the swing foot and maintaining constant pressure across that arc? Does not this effort also increase and maintain the bend of the pole and its forward progress of rotation? Most here agree that staying behind the pole is an important objective and it certainly accomplishes that! It also creates a longer lever in the process as the vaulter is moved yet further from his hand grip and at the same time lowers the center of gravity (like a weight on a string) as the stretched heel is pressed toward the box. This creates even more pressure and bend on the pole and is "The BLOCK" of the vault and conclusion of the downswing TAP, resulting in a very powerful upswing.

I only just chose to call this the Re-extension of the plant because if you freeze at :09, you will see the position is very similar to the plant position, except the bottom hand is higher as he is hanging on the bent pole.

Re: Re-extension of the plant

Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 4:13 am
by willrieffer
Most really good vaulters re-orient back after take off and C. This is best in terms of length and thus swing speed, swing moment, and toward the best utilization of the gravity vector. And the only way to do it, re-orient the torso, is with both hands including the bottom/left hand. Most over emphasize the swing moment of the hips/torso and de-emphasize the amount of rotational energy that can be carried in the lower leg/take off foot.

They do it all the time as per Bubka in the vid and it does not kill swing but in fact enhances it. Think about it. The more back and down, the more perpendicular the vaulter, the less gravity is sapping swing energy and the more its adding to pole compression. The entire vault is an effort against gravity, so why do you want to let gravity control the swing? Well, you don't. And likewise you don't press the left/lower to bend the pole, but to orient the torso and hips with gravity.

If you don't do this you wind up swing progressed where gravity bleeds energy from the swing at a greater rate and isn't as effective on compression. You might as well take off under....