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Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 12:10 am
by rainbowgirl28


Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:34 am
by KirkB

Who is Mark Miller and who is the Pismo Beach Athletic Club?

He is claiming that their "AirStrike" PV technique was discovered in 1992, and is "The Most Revolutionary Procedural Discovery in the History of Sports!".

My question to Mark is: If it's so revolutionary, why have we never heard of it? Has anyone else heard of this technique before? Not a single post on PVP mentions "airstrike" until this thread!

Interesting vid re RL's WR here: No need to debate Bubka vs. Lavillenie any more! The answer is right here on this vid!

Lavillenie wastes far less time fighting the pole's elemental rotation than Bubka!




Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 8:02 am
by Wan
Another video talking about angle of the body with the X/Y axes and a demonstration of what we could name "a pre-RL technique".
Intersesting for the grouping/extanding both legs but I don't thing RL is using this pre-rotation of the body during the bend they're talking about.


Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:16 am
by grandevaulter
There is absolutely nothing new or revolutionary about swinging around the pole. I would skeptical about the safety and penetration into the pit. New batch of snake oil as many will try to latch on to RL's new record.


Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:32 am
by cdmilton
From what I see his main point is to have a "pre-jump". He even quotes the article Alan L wrote.

The sad irony is that, late in the year 2011, I came across an article on the Internet titled “THE PRE-JUMP” by Alan Launder of Australia. Launder's article refers to a pole vaulting theory discussed by Sergei Bubka's coach, Vitaly Petrov, as early as 1985. Although, I never heard of “The Pre-Jump” prior to 2011, Alan Launder's article has, in fact, for many years, contained consequential information that clearly substantiates the validity, significance and extraordinary substance of the Air Strike System. Coach Launder's article also confirms that, over the past several decades, the pole vault “Establishment” has been fully aware the primitive pole vaulting methods they perpetuate are certainly suspect of being seriously flawed, ineffective and predictably perilous.

So, he had this great idea in 1992 but couldn't explain it in a way for everyone to understand and effectively communicate to the masses?

As we have all read before, Petrov/Bubka were trying to do this in 1992 on every jump but they said it was very hard to do every jump.

Please, watch this pole vault video carefully to observe for yourself technical faults that history's greatest "traditional" pole vaulter, Sergei Bubka, is able to camoflage with his exceptional coordination and world class gymnastics training. Sergei Bubka is able to make it falsely appear to viewers that fierce determination combined with extreme running speed are assets for pole vaulters. FEW THINGS ABOUT POLE VAULT CAN BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH AND MORE PERILOUS TO THE MULTITUDES OF NAIVE ATHLETES ATTEMPTING TO DUPLICATE SERGEI BUBKA'S VAULTING STYLE. Speed and brute force are a pole vaulter's WORST ENEMIES when used WRONGLY to CHALLENGE "LOADED" FLEXIBLE POLE VAULT POLES!

So Bubka had a off day in this video and was under.

I can see this person spent a ton of time building all of the YouTube videos and website so I appreciate the effort there but his evidence and execution are not good.


Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:47 am
by KirkB
I found another website that's related to the first one that RainbowGirl posted above.

There is more hype but not much more substance on this page.

The author of this one provided his contact info. His name is Thomas Toledo. He is probably also the author of the first website, and Mark Miller is probably just the spokesperson.

He states:
... in 1993, I published my own bold but humble opinions as follow: "50 decathletes worldwide can break the current pole vault world record using the Air Strike System!" & "You CAN Consistently Vault 20' or Higher!" Along with those notable statements I also published my simple solutions that finally answered how to maximize the potential of the flexible vaulting pole.

I believe that the person demonstrating this technique (the one where the vaulter is aligned with the palm tree) is his son. The strange thing is that he's just swinging into the pit with his sweatpants on, without even a bar or bungee up! And he is claiming that there are "50 decathletes that can break the WR using the Air Strike system", yet we have not even heard of a single athlete that has even cleared a bar of ANY height using his system!

Go figure!



Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:05 pm
by altius
And the beat goes on!!! However I would like to comment on the fact that Bubka was found to take off under on at least one of his jumps. Indeed he did - in winning the 1988 Olympics - and I explained the circumstances of that rare event - as they were explained to me by Petrov as we sat in the stands in Barcelona - in BTB. So I am not going to repeat that story again - take my word for it or not. But is essence he made a mistake but managed to recover from the MISTAKE of taking off under - just managed it incidentally. :D


Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:00 pm
by achtungpv
Watching the videos, which appear to be from '90 or so then there's a gap to 2014. Did this guy just get out of prison?

Watch this one for the text at 1:40 to have your mind blown.


Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 11:07 pm
by rainbowgirl28
achtungpv wrote:Watching the videos, which appear to be from '90 or so then there's a gap to 2014. Did this guy just get out of prison?

Watch this one for the text at 1:40 to have your mind blown.

If only this guy had been around to help those poor souls!


Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 1:56 am
by KirkB
Here's another quote from Thomas Toledo ...
Published on 8 Apr 2013

Pole vault poles that flex MUST be allowed to spin immediately after striking the back of the slideway box as pole vault video Air Strike (5 of 5) illustrates. When not allowed to spin immediately, the flexible pole naturally pushes back against the pole vaulter which wastes kinetic energy and endangering the vaulter. The more kinetic energy that is spent while the flexing pole vault pole "pushes back" horizontally against the grounded forward moving pole vaulter, the greater the probability increases of injury to the vaulter attempting traditional methods of pole vault.

Stated another way: The more time a pole vaulter spends pushing forward against the resistance of the bent pole, rather than immediately flowing with the physics of the spin, the more dangerous the vault becomes.

While Sergei Bubka and other extensively gymnastically trained pole vaulters get away with fatal pole vaulting flaws, there is proof in video and in text across the Internet that NOT even the greatest athletes on the planet (Olympic Decathletes) are exempt from the grave risk of injury while looking completely awkward and uncoordinated using perilous primitive traditional pole vault methods. Ask yourself this simple question: Why is it that every decathlete (who can consistently and gracefully perform the high jump, high hurdles, long jump, shot put, discus, javelin, sprint and run long distances) looks like a klutz when performing the pole vault?

Thomas: My questions to you are ...
    1. If you think that "every decathlete" looks like a klutz in the PV, then why are you so confident that you can get even one of them to break the WR by following your Air Strike PV Method? :confused:
    2. What is the name of the athlete that has been the MOST successful by following the Air Strike Method. And what was his PR? :yes:
    3. What is your son Chris Toledo's PR? Why can I not find him on any listings of high school or college vaulters, or track meet results? I expected to find him on some list of vaulters that have cleared 17 feet (since I know he did not clear 18-20 feet). :confused:
    4. What was the "fatal pole vaulting flaw" that Bubka had? And why do you characterize it as fatal, since he was the most successful male vaulter on the planet? :confused:



Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 2:27 am
by KirkB
I found Chris Toledo's personal website (as opposed to his father's) re the Air Strike Method. It's here:

So he can probably answer some of my questions better than his father.

On his website, he claims:
... at least "50 decathletes world wide and dozens of basketball players" could top pole vault records using the Air Strike Jump Method.

Chris: I have two more questions for you:

    1. You state that a vaulter can easily increase his PR with the Air Strike Method by over 2 feet. How many decathletes have used your method, and what were their PRs before and after using it? Please list their names and schools or clubs.

    2. You state that you improved your PR by over 3 feet with the Air Strike Method. What was your PR with the Air Strike Method, and what was it just before you began using this it?


Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:40 am
by achtungpv
KirkB wrote:Who is Mark Miller and who is the Pismo Beach Athletic Club?

They are pole vault experts.

Whether you are seeking a little relaxation or a challenging workout, The Pismo Beach Athletic Club offers a large, well-equipped facility with a friendly, professional atmosphere.

We are proud to offer:
- 25-yard, heated, indoor pool
- 4 racquetball courts
- Outdoor lighted tennis court
- Well-equipped fitness floor with weight
machines, free weights and the latest cardio equipment.
- Massage Therapy
- Acupuncture