6.40 Model?

This is a forum to discuss advanced pole vaulting techniques. If you are in high school you should probably not be posting or replying to topics here, but do read and learn.
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Re: 6.40 Model?

Unread postby dj » Sat May 21, 2011 4:28 am

if names are goingto be brought up...

and the story told... it should at least be truthful... and told correctly..


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Re: 6.40 Model?

Unread postby agapit » Sat May 21, 2011 11:49 am

dj wrote:Pleassssse….

Tim, Bemiller and Webb "borrowed" everything from Petrov/Bubka they could get .. the most you may have done was try and get the vault coaches "fired" at Tennesse so you could take their job.

I remember coach Webb got ticked off at Petrov (and me since I have translated this) for saying that to LoJo.

And as far as the situation in Reno.. with Lawrence… that "hinged" on a NCAA violation from one NCAA school to another of "tinkering.. I thought you might have been smart enough or experienced enough to know that.. but what I think was, you didn't care.. and your statement about Webb here…….. shows you had rather try and discredit someone else, to turn the credit to yourself, rather than to earn the credit on its own merit.

Webb and Bemiller had done pretty well way before you or Petrov.. They were there to see if they were "missing something". And I don't believe you had the common curtsey to speak to Webb "before" you ran your mouth off to Lawrence…

I will say this…. The two athletes that I worked with that you had coached could not jump correctly because you had not "fixed" the problems. You continued to "blame the athlete" …but couldn't fix it. They were jumping way below their potential and were constantly at the "frustration" level…. of even quitting the event… or injured.

any technique (model) that is "correct to physics" can be taught. if not, the coach doesn't know what they are doing and/or their "thinking" is flawed according to that physics.

It's the athlete, the communication from the coach and what is done correctly (to physics) that makes the difference………. Period..


Run correct… plant correct and swing correct (fast)…


dj I know you are off in a deep end, but I did not know you are that deep. I left you and your incoherent rants along a long time ago. I do not know why you feel compelled to bring your BS here. And it is BS without any merit. You do not have even a slightest idea of what’s going on, but again you never do, you just rant.

Mr. Petrov expressed his opinion to LoJo in a hotel room because LoJo asked for his opinion. Vitaly said that in his opinion he needed to focus on vault, I was just a translator of the conversation. I did not know Webb or LoJo or where Knoxville or State of Tennessee were at the time. I happen to know, work and respect coach Webb in the subsequent years. In my opinion he is a world class, excellent coach!!! Coach Webb was the one who invited LoJo and I to come to Knoxville in December of 1996, years after that Reno Summit.

I have a very cordial relationship with the coach Jim Bemiller and I am not taking any credit from anyone. Jim was a customer in one of my business for several years. He did coach LoJo to NCAA and American Record and to my knowledge he coached Tim Mack for 9 years since he recruited him to UT in 1995 until 2004 Olympic Gold and Olympic Record!

Could you elaborate on:
1. How exactly was I trying to get vault coaches in Tennessee fired by attending Reno summit and translating for Vitaly?
2. Could you elaborate on which two of my athletes you have worked with?
3. Was something I described in this post not factual and if yes then what?

dj are you simply an incompetent liar or you writing these posts high on something or both, judging by some of the stuff you write?
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Re: 6.40 Model?

Unread postby Vault&Flip » Sat May 21, 2011 6:44 pm

It is extremely embarrassing how grown men act on this forum. I think this thread has probably run its course.

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Re: 6.40 Model?

Unread postby rainbowgirl28 » Sat May 21, 2011 8:49 pm

Both of you go take your arguing somewhere else. This thread is now locked. :deadrose:

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