Bubka and Warmerdam Over the Bar

This is a forum to discuss advanced pole vaulting techniques. If you are in high school you should probably not be posting or replying to topics here, but do read and learn.
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Re: Bubka and Warmerdam Over the Bar

Unread postby Decamouse » Sat Feb 12, 2011 9:36 am

TIm is correct -- it is foolish to say that person A vaulted on a pole X pounds over their weight and person B vaulted on a pole Y pounds over they weight and thus whatever conclusion you want to put is valid.

That argument only works if both are on the same length poles and weigh the same.

Since the "weight" rating for poles is just that - a rating - not a perfect engineered system and rating - does not directly related to end load capabilites of poles

-- a 14' 170 lb pole is actually very close
-- a 5m 200 lb pole will put out well over 200 lbs end load when shorten the same amount
-- lets say to 70% of original chord length.

Compound this by inlcuding the fact that spans used to get the "flex" are not standard between brands and that for a long time all 5m, 510, and 520 poles where flexed on the same span as a 490 ---

HS Rules aside - use the pole that works the best for you -
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Re: Bubka and Warmerdam Over the Bar

Unread postby Tim McMichael » Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:30 am

How big his poles were had little do do with how wild he was over the bar someties. The pole is only a reflection of how fast he cold swing. It is entirely possible that his 9.8 felt easier for him to move than my 16.3 felt to me. Many times watching his jump gave me the impression that he was having to get off the pole too early to keep from blowing it out.

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