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Bigger poles

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 11:30 am
by Tristan00
Okay so usually I never really have a problem with the mental aspect of pole vaulting. I think I am now though. I have been using a 14' 160 pole all season and started topping out at a clearance of 13'6" on it so I tried to start using a 14'6" pole 160. I am having trouble rolling it though. I'll get vertical but can't seem to jump on it like I do every other pole. My coach says I'm not swinging on it like I usually do and I know I'm not because I always feel myself get to vertical but then I stop moving into the pit. Do I need to just quit thinking about it and vault or what?

Re: Bigger poles

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 11:52 am
by treykristianPV
It would help determine what's going on here with a video, but I'll try to help with what you've posted.

First of all with the 14' 160 pole when you vault on it are your standards buried? What's your grip height? Flex number of that pole? Take off spot? Are you normally under, right on, or out?

Secondly, to transfer smoother onto the 14'6" pole I would recommend holding at the same grip height on the 14' 160 pole until you can start making it in with the standards buried. Then slowly move your grip height up. Another thing that could be happening is your not applying forward pressure. You talk about "rolling the pole" which I assume is the same, moving to a bigger and longer pole requires a lot more pole movement, pole movement being rolling the pole harder.

Lastly, moving from the 14' to the 14'6 pole shouldn't be too hard of a transfer, especially if you're blowing through the 14' pole. Like I said though, this is harder to advise with no video, I would recommended having someone take a video next time you vault so we can see more in depth what's going on.


Re: Bigger poles

Posted: Sun May 29, 2016 12:27 pm
by advath
Speed, plant jump and takeoff get you in. Strength and swing speed get you inverted and keep the pole moving forward. If you can get the pole into the pit but can't get inverted you need to make your swing up stronge and faster with better technique. We've been using the Pole Vault Swing Up Rack, now available to the public. There's lots of great results, reviews and videos of clubs, coaches and parents that purchased the Swing Up Rack in Instagram #swinguprack @polevaults