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Fall - winter strength & speed for pole vault classes in SE michigan

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:14 pm
by mcminkz05
Now accepting new clients for fall and winter speed & strength classes specific to vault at Go MAD Fitness in canton, michigan. I am a personal trainer, speed & agility trainer, and strength & conditioning trainer as well as a former D1 college vaulter and hs coach. I have coached several all-state vaulters and jumpers, including the 2013, 2014 D1 state champ runner up boys, D2 state champ runner up girls, and 2013 state champion in triple jump. The classes will focus on building functional strength, explosiveness, speed, and acceleration as it applies to the vault. Technique will be left to the hs and club coaches; my goal is to improve athleticism as well as work in some pole vault specific exercises and drills. Call coach Adam McMillan at 734-846-2800 or email for more information. Thanks!