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Barber ends his season with 5.54 (Lisek 5.64) in Warsaw on Sunday Sep 13

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:19 pm
by KirkB
According to this translated link (, Shawn Barber placed 2nd at 5.54 to Piotr Lisek (1st at 5.64) today.

If the rough translation of this article is correctly understood, Robert Sobera was 3rd on misses at 5.54.
Skolimowska Memorial Piotr Lisek against the world champion Barber

Warsaw, 13.09.2015. Piotr Lisek during the pole vault competition at the Warsaw Memorial Kamila Skolimowska in athletics, 13 bm. (gj) PAP / Bartlomiej Zborowski
PAP / Bartlomiej Zborowski 13.09. Warsaw (PAP) - Piotr Lisek (OSOT Szczecin) 5.64 result won a competition pole vault Kamila Skolimowska Memorial at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Second place went to world champion, Canadian Shawn Barber - 5.54.

Lisek, bronze medalist at the recent world championships in Beijing, admitted that both he and Barber and Robert Sober (AZS AWF Wroclaw) have concerns that their rivalry will end very quickly, at a height of 5.54.

"After all we have been unable included 5.54 in the first trials could feel the atmosphere of fear, and no shame that at such a low altitude competition will end. Stage fright was even greater when me and Robert, the remaining third and final attempt. Fortunately, beat 5.54 and the bar was raised to 5.64. At this altitude dropped Sober and Barber, I jumped for the second approach. I tried 5.74 yet, but it was more than I could bear, " - he told PAP Lisek.

[Barber] emphasized that in terms of the number of appearances in the events was a record-breaking season for him.

"It was probably my 36th meet. But it is my record. I jumped on average every week. I'm so tired, but I'm not complaining, because I like to compete. The more, the better. I conclude therefore successful season defeating the world champion, sympathetic Barber, not for the first time. I won with him in Szczecin during Memorial KusociƄskiego and in Berlin at the meeting of the IAAF "- [he] mentioned.

The player Szczecin Centre pole vault thoughts are already in hot countries.

"Soon I move with his fiancee for the holidays. Where? That I do not know. Certainly where there is sun and clear water. What? That do not know. Either by car or by plane. But only for a week, more leave do not have. For whole year I have two weeks off, "- he added. (PAP)

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Congratulations to Shawn on a fantastic season! :star: