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Diamond League Zurich on Wednesday Sep 2nd

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:53 pm
by KirkB
Next stop after Beijing for some of the WC 2015 vaulters will be the Diamond League meet in Zurich on Wednesday.

... and then Brussels on Fri Sep 11th.


Re: Diamond League Zurich on Thursday Sep 3rd

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:32 pm
by KirkB
Shawn Barber will be at the Zurich meet, as well as the Brussels meet.

His full schedule for the next 2 weeks is:

Wed Sep 2 Weltklasse Zürich Diamond League Meet (Zurich, Switzerland)
Sun Sep 6 ISTAF - IAAF World Challenge Meet (Berlin, Germany)
Wed Sep 9 Aachen Germany Meet (Aachen, Germany)
Fri Sep 11 Diamond League Meet (Brussels, Belgium)
Sun Sep 13 Kamila Skolimowska Memorial (Warsaw, Poland)

In this Akron Zips news article, it also explains his plans to continue his education and training at Akron in his Senior year there.


Re: Diamond League Zurich on Wednesday Sep 2nd

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 2:06 pm
by KirkB
A new Canadian indoor NR for Shawn Barber in the Zurich train station! 5.92i! :star:

1. Shawn Barber (Canada) 5.92 m
2. Piotr Lisek (Poland) 5.67 m
3. Raphael Holzdeppe (Germany) 5.67 m

Progression and Play-by-Play Details:

Congratulations to Shawn once again, on an amazing year!


Re: Diamond League Zurich on Wednesday Sep 2nd

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:25 pm
by KirkB
Good footage of the event here, courtesy of what appears to be a Swiss [?] TV program SRFsportactuel:, including most of Barber's clearances, and some of those of his competitors.

Play-by-play (My comments are italicized, and enclosed in square brackets) ...

[Credits to the German-speaking commentator. Pardon the rough google translation. To improve readability, I made the order of this LIVETICKER chronological.]

Read the competition course here Ticker after.
17:20 Pole jumping in the Zurich central railway station
17:24 Participation in a class field
Besides the World Champion and current co-favorites Shawnacy Barber (Canada) and the silver medalist Raphael Holzdeppe jumps (Germany). Also present are Pawel Wojciechowski (Poland) and Piotr Lisek (Poland), who won bronze in Beijing together. It will be interesting to see who the highest jumps today.
It only lacks the world record man from France Renaud Lavillenie, who also won bronze in Beijing.
Caption: Start List 9 Springer [vaulters] today go to the starting line. HTTP://ZURICH.DIAMONDLEAGUE.COM
17:43 Everything prepared in the Zurich HB
Welcome to the first competition of the Diamond League Meeting in Zurich. In the Zurich station hall today held the pole jumping men. From 17:45, Clock You are here in the stream and in the Scores live with it.
17:57 DC gehts los
The 9 athletes have entered the hall and the audience will now be presented. With thunderous applause, they are welcomed.
18:04 The competition begins
The Swiss Marquis Richards opened jumping at 5.22 m. He fails in his first jump.
18:06 Mitch Greeley [USA] jumps over 5.22 m
Easily the American, the Swiss will soon jump, on the starting height.
18:09 Richards also fails the second attempt
The Swiss with difficulty at the start in this competition.
18:11 Wojciechowski [Poland] about 5:22 m
The bronze medal winners from Beijing jumps at the second attempt far beyond the set at 5:22 m bar.
18:13 Richards remains in competition
His last attempt over 5:22 m manages the Swiss. Thus, he can just turn away the still pending. "Now the party really gets going," he said in an interview after the jump euphoric.
18:16 5:42 m is the new height of the bar
Richards, Greeley and Paech [Germany] all fail with [their] first leap to the height.
18:18 Scherbarth [Germany] copes first the new height
The German is in good shape and has some reserves again.
18:21 The world champion will start in the competition
Shawn Barber is no nakedness. He turns transparent once around its own axis, after having skipped the bar. The showpiece of the Canadian comes with the public good.
Shawn Barber open in the run-up to his Sprung.Bild in Lightbox. [You can see his first clearance in the vid link at the top of this post.]
Caption: The world champion Shawn Barber at startup to his jump. SRF
[Don’t you just love Google translations! :D I don’t know what “no nakedness” means, but the next sentence ("He turns transparent ..." is referring to the 360 degree pirouette he did on his way down, after clearing 5.42.]
18:27 Richards also fails the third attempt at 5:42 m
The Swiss does not create the level and separates the first Springer [vaulter] out of the race from.
18:30 Also Greeley says goodbye
Although the American had the adequate height, but touched with the leg the bar. Bitter for him.
18:33 Filippidis successful first jump
The bar is now at 5:57 m. The Greek unit a little lopsided, but still comes with reserves over its initial height.
18:37 Holzdeppe and Barber fail initially at 5:57 m
The two best of Beijing will need at least another leap to the next level vorzuschreiten [stride].
18:40 Lisek skips [clears] 5:57 m
With a good jump of the poles comes easily over the bar. Since he still had some reserves.
18:41 Wojciechowski just the height
Like his compatriot before him comes the poles over the bar. But to make it just a hair's breadth.
18:44 The world champion is successful at the second attempt
Barber skips [clears] 5.57 m and remains in the competition.
18:46 The man of the third trials
Raphael Holzdeppe creates 5:57 m only in his last attempt. That's the Germans are not uncommon. It often takes several attempts for a height.
18:49 New height 5.67 m - 6 yet Springer [6 vaulters still] in competition
Tobias Scherbarth had to say goodbye at 5:57 m.
18:52 Barber jumping over 5.67 m
The Canadian champion is the only one who jumps at the first attempt over the bar.
18:58 Holzdeppe with large reserves over 5.67 m
In the second jump of the German comes over the bar. That was the highest ever jump of the day.
19:09 World champion over 5.77 m
Again, it's just Barber who successfully skips [clears] the height at the first attempt. Impressive what the Canadian shows so far.
19:00 Paech and Filippidis successful on the third attempt
The two therefore remain in the competition and can jump the next height of 5.77 m.
19:01 Wojciechowski fails to 5.67 m
The bronze medalist at Beijing adopted prematurely from the competition. Still 5 Springer [5 vaulters] are.
19:05 New height 5.77 m
Only two of the Springer [vaulters] have this level already skipped [cleared] this year. Namely the World Champion Shawn Barber (5.91 m) and Piotr Lisek (5.90 m).
19:13 Paech retires from competition
No successful jump for the German. He fails to 5.77 m.
19:17 BARBER WILL WIN - Filippidis, Lisek and Holzdeppe fail to 5.77 m
Only the world champion Shawn Barber remains in competition. He wins the Diamond League meeting in Zurich sovereign because no other over 5.77 m jump. He can now freely choose the amount.
19:21 Barber jumps at 5.92 meters
At the first attempt fails [the] Canadian. His personal best is so far at 5.91 m. [Indoors. Outdoors, it’s 5.93.]
19:27 In the second attempt klappts [it works]
Barber jumps over 5.92 meters and set a new personal indoor record. What a competition of young Canadian!
19:34 Barber chooses 6:01 m as new height
In the first attempt he did not manage to skip [clear] this level.
19:37 Even a jump remains
The world champion also fails with his second attempt. Klappts [will it work] with the third?
Shawn Barber wins with a personal indoor personal best.
Shawn Barber wins confidently with a height of 5.92 m.

Many thanks to the German-speaking commentator and to the Swiss [?] TV program SRFsportactuel.


Re: Diamond League Zurich on Wednesday Sep 2nd

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:45 am
by rainbowgirl28
Way to go Shawn! :star: :yes: