Angelica Bengtsson interview

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Angelica Bengtsson interview

Unread postby canag » Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:58 am

Google translation of an interview of Angelica Bengtsson in the swedish newspaper Expressen ... frankrike/
Sorry in advance for the sloppy translation, I think "corrupt" means "injured" here.

January 2012.
SPORT-Expressen has just revealed that Angelica Bengtsson is corrupt - again. This time it's about an inflammation of the knee.
Pole Vault talent is distressed. She can not even run.
Meanwhile, talking more and more intensely in athletics circles. Is not it time for Angelica to leave dad Glenn and center in Boaryd? Even superstar Yelena Isinbayeva is entering the debate when SPORT-Expressen talking to her before the XL Gala at the Globe Arena.
- She's too young to be corrupt. Probably coach must take care of her better than he does right now. Her father has to take care of her daughter, because she's talented.
Today, ten months later, sitting Angelica Bengtsson in a studio in Karlskrona.

Already this summer moved 19-year-old away from home to train with former pole vault successor Miroslav ZALAR. A big step for the child.
Worried about language
Now it's time to move again.

Tickets are already booked. On 17 november go Angelica down to Clermont-Ferrand, France. There awaits Damien Inocencio - same coach who led Renaud Lavillenie to Olympic gold in London.
- If it feels scary? No. I feel more down there than I do in Karlskrona, says Angelica Bengtsson.
But it will be a big change for you?
- Hmmm. So that summer, and winter ... It has been to take every day to every hour in order. It will almost be calmer when I go down to France and know I'll stay there. I will be able to acquire routines and friends. It will be nice!
- During the summer I lived nowhere.
Only one thing makes her worry: The French language.
- When I was down there for a week last fall, I was very tired of the language (laughs). You want to speak Swedish as ever! But it may be well to do when you get home ...

Angelica Bengtsson recently took the prize as "the year's rising star in Europe" at a gala event in Malta.
She has now won all there is to win in juniorväg and experts agree that she has every opportunity to become the best in the world in their sport.
It's really just the damage that has worried.
- We have worked a lot with it. The damage in the knee was because I was not strong enough there. Now I have trained knee so it should not come back, says Angelica.
- We have been training hard now - high intensity - and I agree very well. It does not feel like there is no harm in walking. It's good!
Taking 100 kg
But while she reveals that summer was excruciating - in silence.

The wrist hurt.
- I have very small wrists and I had pain in the summer. I had to take a pain killer at the Olympics. It hurt after every hoppass, but the day after it was fine again. Now I have not felt it since the Olympics. It was probably an inflammation.
She is finally injury-free - and stronger than ever.
The coach Miroslav ZALAR says Bengtsson hit a personal record in the most inside the gym.
Among other things, the deadlift, where the 52 kg lightweight Angelica lifted 100 kg.
- In relation to my body, it's quite a lot. Miro says it and he says it's good, Angelica says, laughing.
- I do not really look at the weights when I run, but now says Miroslav me to do it. And it's fun to be able to say that you have 100 kg.
Down in France hope Angelica primarily to develop their technology.

She will jump more like a man.
- Lavillenie bend his staff very much. Man jumps with a technique that has a huge bend in the rod. Most girls do not have it, they drop almost straight rod.
- But I think the very bend of the rod, because I've already pretty much bend.

Surrounded by volcanoes
Angelica also explains that it was not an option to stay at home in Sweden.
- There is no coach in Sweden really who I trust and have the same rod philosophy as I do, and then have time for me. Jesper Fritz (former pole vault talent) plugs to doctors and Miroslav ZALAR practicing a hockey team in the winter. Miro has been in France a lot and think about their training philosophy, so I trust him.
What is the city you will be staying in?
- It is not a big city, right in the middle of France. No lake. It is surrounded by volcanoes.
It seems that you can enjoy your time there?
- Yes. I was talking to a Frenchman from elsewhere in the country. He said "it's not a place you go on holiday." I just "okay ..." (Laughs). It'll be good!

Behind him in Sweden leaves Angelica his family - and father Glenn.
According to SPORT-Expressen, the relationship between the two has not been the best since her daughter chose to change coaches and move.
She also tells himself that it has been difficult.
- There have not been ... very easy perhaps. But it works well, says Angelica.
- There is nothing to do about. It was a bit like that abrupt end. But that's the way it must be.

"Strong squad to Rio"
Angelica Bengtsson now looking forward to an exciting indoor season.
And the highlight is obvious.
In early March, is determined Indoor Championships in Gothenburg.
- It's really the big goal. That's what you think about now during every workout. We jumped today and Miroslav just said "you will jump really high in the Championship". It's really what you think of when you go to bed, she says.
What should we expect from Angelica Bengtsson there?
- It's hard to say before I got started with the training down in France. But as much as I have progressed in strength and speed - and it seems that I will not get hurt either - so I have very high expectations.

Swedish athletics has had problems since big stars, Kajsa Bergqvist, Stefan Holm, Carolina Klüft and Christian Olsson thanked individually.
The hope now is that Angelica, along with sprint promise Moa Hjelmer can help us through the tough generational change.
- Swedish athletics future feels very good, says Angelica Bengtsson.
- There will certainly be people from below now. Some of them have not really seen yet, like Kim Amb (spear), Sofi Flinck (spear) - and I think my boyfriend Elias Håkansson (sledgehammer) too.
- I think we will have a very strong squad for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016th

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Re: Angelica Bengtsson interview

Unread postby canag » Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:01 am

And present coach's mini-interview:

Miroslav ZALAR: "The vast property is Angelica's courage to put in the rods, it is completely out of the ordinary. Many are out there on the approach path and hesitates. She's rock hard."

Miroslav ZALAR: "She's too damn good at doing well when it comes. Angelica manage risk. She is mentally very strong. Deadline trial is not a problem."

TECHNOLOGY (I think they mean "technical ability" or "form")
Miroslav ZALAR: "Girls are much further down the rod than what guys do - then bend the rod becomes smaller. Angelica jumps more to the male side and bend the bars a lot."

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Re: Angelica Bengtsson interview

Unread postby boisky » Fri Nov 16, 2012 4:13 am

it's false.... there are lot of lakes near to clermont ferrand! but we ll visit....
welcome angelica in clermont;-)

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