News about pole vault competitions that occur outside the US and international pole vaulters.
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Unread postby roger/over » Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:19 pm

I will post, as separate mailings, the men’s and women’s national outdoor records as I have them filed for the end of the 2011 season. As always, corrections and additions (to will be much appreciated. You may find the chart columns align best if they can be converted to 10-pt courier font. I’d like advice on how to post them in alignment next time.

And the reason for there being more information in the women’s list? It’s because when I started keeping national records files, about 20 years ago, data on the men’s records was readily available in a variety of places, so for them I only set up a file of current marks and updated it annually. Since I didn’t find a continuously updated women’s list, I set myself the task of maintaining such a file and including such info as the vaulter’s birth date, club or team, the name, place and date of the meet, and her placing. I’ve since given up on club and name of the meet since these too often were unavailable, but still try for full birth date and the competition placing in the women’s files.

I’d like to credit some of the sources from which I obtain this information, but with apology in advance for others I’m sure to have misplaced and are lost in a failing 84-year-old memory. Sorry. Here are those I remember.


Mirko Jalava <>
Winfried Kramer <>
Michel Saint-Raymond <>

and e-mail correspondence from:

Heinrich Hubbeling
Carole Fuchs
Carles Baronet
Børre Lilloe
Richard Hymans
Mark Stewart
Peter Matthews
Michalis Nikitaridis
Jeroen deWilt
Bob Hersh
Zbyszek Jonik
Lennart Julin
Becca Peter
Gérard Dumas (from his book, Who’s Who in the Pole Vault)

I sincerely hope that you’ll appreciate these contributions from those pillars of our sport. I certainly do.

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