Grigorieva to be coached by Bubka’s guru

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Grigorieva to be coached by Bubka’s guru

Unread postby zack » Mon Dec 02, 2002 12:43 am

Found this on

Grigorieva to be coached by Bubka’s guru
Friday 29 November 2002
Sydney, Australia - Commonwealth Games Pole Vault champion Tatiana Grigorieva is Australian athletics’ pin-up girl, burdened with the non-pc epithet of the “chick on a stickâ€Â

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Unread postby wacky274 » Mon Dec 02, 2002 1:47 am

training with petrov....that'd be sweet
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Unread postby Azbeachboy1 » Mon Dec 02, 2002 3:41 am

I love the whole artical, It shows that Tatiana obviously wants to break onto the pole vaulting scene once again. But the only problem is, if you even want to get close to being a world champion nowadays, you have to jump 15 at a bare minimum. Tatiana hasn't even got there yet. She has probably one of the lowest pr's in the world for the creme de la crem of eliete women vaulters. But then again she's 27 and still has some time left. One more thing, I cant believe she and her husband are paying for the coaching out of there own pockets. I guess its a good thing that she has her modeling and cloathing company. I hear she makes lots of bank with all of that. She is one of the biggest celebrity women in the entire country of Austrailia, it would be great to see her jump 15+ though!
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