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Apropos of nothing at all

Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:33 pm
by altius
Some of may know that I introduced Steve Chappell (of UCS spirit) to pole vaulting as an eleven year old boy at a school in England in 1964. Those of you - and I hope there are a few who are also interested in soccer - may be interested to know that one of his classmates and his teammate in the Under 15 soccer team at that school, Ian Darke, is the lead commentator calling the World Cup Final tomorrow!

At the time Steve was a lean pact right half while Ian was a rather chubby - if deep thinking - right winger. I believe that that group went to get to the semi finals of the English Grammar Schools Cup as seniors. That same year, 1967, Steve was a starting guard on the school Under 15 team that represented Buckinghamshire in the English schools championships and beat London Schools, with five international players, in the second round.