The Petrov Model Simplified

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The Petrov Model Simplified

Unread postby master » Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:17 pm

Alan Launder has written an article that he asked me to make available on PVP. Below is the introductory paragraph and a link to download the four page document in pdf format.


Sergey Bubka first appeared on the international stage
at the age of twenty when he came from obscurity to
win the first ever World Championship in the pole vault
in Helsinki in 1983. Given the immense success he
enjoyed during his career it is astonishing that few if any
sports scientists in the English-speaking world have
attempted to establish the real bases for his outstanding
performances. As a result, more than ten years after he
set the present world record, there is an ongoing debate
over whether or not his success was primarily due to his
unique personal qualities or could be attributed to the
biomechanical advantages of the technical model he
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Re: The Petrov Model Simplified

Unread postby altius » Thu Jan 03, 2013 5:27 pm

Thanks Doc - must be nice to be technologically "with it"" - even the use of that term dates me!!

This article was written some time ago when I was attempting to simplify the model in order to help young vaulters understand it. I asked Doc to post it so that any young coaches who might be thinking of attending the clinics I am offering in the US with a few of America's leading coaches, could begin to get a handle on the direction the clinics might take.

Hopefully it will not lead to another great debate!
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