Beginner Video Review

A forum to discuss pole vault technique as it relates to beginning vaulters. If you have been jumping less than a year, this is the forum for you.

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Beginner Video Review

Unread postby cdmilton » Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:41 pm

I posted this in another thread but wanted to hear what others have to say.

This is a 16 year old girl I have been working with for the past 3 months. She has never vaulted before but has been a gymnast for a long time.

Here is where she was at running from 8 steps about a month into the season. She is just learning how to carry the pole upright. Obviously there is a lot to be improved from here.

Here is where she is at a month later (3 months in). She jumped 10'1" in the following video.

We have been working really hard on her run mechanics, pole carry, plant and takeoff. She is not a naturally good runner and really struggles with her plant timing and in turn the jump off the ground. She is a gymnast and good on bars so she has a lot of power in her swing.

She is getting much better since then off the runway as shown in the following video and now we are trying to move it over to the pit.

We still have work to do on her running, pole carry and plant but I feel we have made a lot of progress over the past 3 months. I will be working with her once a week over the next 6 weeks so I will post more updates along the way.

Any constructive thoughts and feedback would be welcomed.
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Re: Beginner Video Review

Unread postby CoachEric » Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:48 pm

Plant drills, plant drills, and more plant drills. Make sure she understands that the plant is initiated from eye level. Pole tip is high on all of the videos. Still some work to do on pole carry. Looks like she really understands how to swing though. Good job so far!

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Re: Beginner Video Review

Unread postby altius » Wed Jun 11, 2014 6:27 pm

Yes plants - 6 walking, 6 trotting, 6 running, 6 running fast. EVERY session. she has got to start moving the left hand forward 6 steps out and then three steep out the right hand will be in a better position to move straight up the side of the body to drive as high as possible.
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