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Altus clinics in California

Posted: Sat May 25, 2013 12:21 am
by altius
Alan Launder - author of "From Beginner to Bubka and Isinbayeva too" will be leading three clinics in Texas this summer.. Alan has had over fifty years experience coaching the pole vault from beginner to Olympic Level and has had considerable success taking beginners to world junior level - i.e. 5.10m and 3.90m. He has been employing the Petrov/Bubka model since first meeting Vitali and Sergei in 1986 in Canberra, Australia at the World Cup. His background as a physical education teacher/teacher educator at the University of South Australia, coach across a range of sports and as a coach educator, enables him to bring a unique perspective to coaching the pole vault. It will be particularly valuable for ambitious young vaulters and coaches as they will find the whole process of coaching the vault simplified and clarified. In fact Alan's overriding aim is to ensure that all athletes who attend his clinics will learn enough about technique and training to begin to have a major input into their own development.

This emphasis has been driven by his experience leading clinics in the USA over the past ten years where he discovered that large numbers of young athletes either did not have any coach or one with little or no interest in the event and even less understanding of it.

June 12/13/14 Sacramento State University – Contact Daniel Isaacs --

June 18/19 Marina High School, Huntington Beach – Contact Kevin Magula --

June 21/22 Dana Hills High School, Dana Point - Contact Kevin Magula --

Note that Bubba Sparks will also be coaching at these two clinics.
Note that Rick Baggett - a highly successful coach from Oregon -hopes to contribute to all of these clinics.

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Re: Altus clinics in California

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 12:16 am
by baggettpv
For all you vaulters in California.... You must go work with the coaches at the AltiusTC Clinics! We just finished the first at my Indoor Facility and it was full. Had 3 stations going under Alan's direction working on aspects that actually make a difference. Be sure to take it upon yourselves to get a perspective that is highly regarded in the world. Whatcha got too loose?
Go for it!

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Re: Altus clinics in California

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:17 pm
by altius
Not sure if we will see any coaches other than Bubba Sparks and Kevin Magula - legends in their own right -who will be teaching with me. Hope we do because there is always just a chance that they might learn something from a coach who began teaching this event in 1958 and who has travelled the world (at considerable expense it should be noted) - London, Paris, Leverkusen, Warsaw and the USA - seven times to Reno - to learn as much as possible. Wrote the first Beginner to Bubka after going to Reno in 97 and quickly appreciating the reasons why many US vaulters were putting their lives at risk - poor technique. After that sold out produced the second edition - this has sold all over the world -even to Russian, German and French coaches. Here the great salesmanship of my friend Steve Rippon played a big part!! Have travelled across the USA in the past few years and met many great coaches; have also learned a lot from working with the hordes of kids who turn up at clinics because they do not have a coach at their school - or at least a coach who knows as much about the vault as they do about coaching linebackers.

I fully understand that Southern California especially has a great history in the vault - but there is always just a chance that even the best coaches can learn something new. Just a thought - hope to meet a few of you - it will not destroy me if you don't show!