Can anyone give me names for good PVing schools in PA

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Can anyone give me names for good PVing schools in PA

Unread postby AltoonaPV » Sun Jan 12, 2003 8:52 pm

im in 10th grade.. ha i'm looking ahead.. i would love to go to PSU my coach knows them super well and PSU doesn't have a full time coach but there facility is getting way better... SRU has great PV camps..and i know a kid personally who goes there and he said jumping there isn't like jumping there at PV camps...the Camps are way i gues SRU is over rated? I need help.. plus i am a computer programmer

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Unread postby gatorhatincracker » Mon Mar 03, 2003 1:42 am

i assume you are coached by the famous Rob Wahl?
I vault for U of SC, and i went to Butler High near Pittsburgh. I won states in 98, and had the chance to go to SRU, TENN, SC, SYRACUSE, and WYOMING. I had to walk-on at SC, but it worked out well. I know Penn St. isnt bad facility-wise. i know most of the kids that go there dont improve too dramatically. SRU isnt bad, but they dont go to very many big meets, so competition is hard to find. My advice to you is to go to a warm weather school where you can train year round, Outdoors, and go there. most HS athletes dont give themselves a chance to get better cause they would rather stay close to home. good luck

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