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**SOLD****USED Pacer Scholastic II Pole Vault Pit for Sale

Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:16 am
by kwameseal
Used 21'6 x 23'5" x 28" Pacer Scholastic II Pit, with a National Top Pad(my guess is someone ordered the wrong top pad replacement). This pit was recently retired from use in one of our local school districts as they received a newer larger pit. The top pad has slight dust blow up upon impact to the left of the impact zone, but none evident in the center of the pit. Most of the D rings are still attached to the base pads, but there are no clips on the top pad to to connect the two . There are a couple tears on the the top pad near the box. There are a several larger tears on the vinyl on the corners of the a few of the base pads. A zipper broke on a base pad and is now zip tied closed. Two of the base pads are fairly firm and the other is slightly softer. There is a weather cover, which is nearing the end of its life as has one small tear in the middle, aprox 6 inches.

I put the pits together for some quick pics and I realize they are not in their correct location.

If you would like to buy it you MUST come and inspect it. I am located just outside of South Bend, Indiana.