From Bruce Caldwell 2 the PV community I am not retiring!

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From Bruce Caldwell 2 the PV community I am not retiring!

Unread postby Bruce Caldwell » Thu Jun 22, 2017 11:13 am

Hello From Bruce Caldwell to the pole vault community!
I am not retiring!
I think it is time to thank everyone for your patronage, faith, and for the relationships we have built together. I will still be selling the Nelco Discus, Rock Back pole cases, pole vault platform run-ups and the MVP landing systems, while not retiring from the pole vault market just yet. (if you miss my service we can do business on other stuff)
Today , I realized that I have been selling pole vaulting poles since 1974! (Over 40+ years) Sky-pole 1974 to 1977, FiberSport 1977 to 1981, 1982 I sold training poles, 1983 to 1994 Maxima 4 fiberSport, 1994 to 2002 Cata-Poles, 1998 to 2017 ESSX vaulting poles. It feels strange not having a vaulting pole to sell, but ESSX is the accumulation of experience and technology of them all and ESSX is the best pole! Without a pole to sell now it is hard to recommend any other. UCS/Spirit has the most consistent and best non-carbon pole on the market. ESSX is the best engineered pole and the best Hybrid Carbon pole on the market. I am proud I had my hand and my mind in the making of the UST-ESSX Hybrid Carbon Pole and it has become the very best engineered pole on the market today. I acknowledge the fantastic support of the UST engineering team for the ESSX pole. ESSX would not be in so much demand unless the dealers and the users had not supported the poles potential to enhance performances to clear higher bars. I thank not only Ust Essx and UST Mamiya Golf for the opportunity, but especially all the vaulters and coaches, as well as dealers who helped me build the demand for such a great product! Last season 2016-2017 was the very best season selling more vaulting poles than ever before. I encourage people to continue to try new things as that is the bases ESSX was built on, something totally different and another way of thinking how to break records. Thank you, visit some of the website I represent; (Free freight on Pole cases June & July) (see what the word ESSX means) (Free shoulder Discus bag hold 3 discus)

I can be contacted at same phone and this new email on facebook check out>TrackbagWorld Bruce Caldwell and Discus Throw Bruce Caldwell
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Bruce Caldwell.

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