Poles for Sale in NM/AZ area

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Poles for Sale in NM/AZ area

Unread postby indestructo » Mon Oct 19, 2015 12:05 am

I have a 14'6" - 180 lb Pacer and a 15'0" - 185 lb Pacer Carbon for sale. Haven't used them in a few years, so its time to let them go. They are used but still have plenty of good jumping left in them. Asking $250 for the carbon, $200 for the Pacer plus shipping.

We are full time travelers (poles are safely secured in a protective tube along the journey) currently located in New Mexico (soon to be Albuquerque/Santa Fe areas then headed south). I'm willing to ship, just send me your zip, I'll let you know what it'll cost.


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