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So confident are we in our product's durability

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:07 pm
by Bruce Caldwell
It has taken me years to find the formula to reduce breakage.
If you catch the pole after every jump and make sure it does not hit the standard.
And you store your poles properly there should never be a pole broken unless it is under your weight or you need a stiffer pole and take it to the max load!

Pole breaks are a NIGHTMARE, literally!! As manufacturers, we sometimes find ourselves awake at night thinking up better ways to make poles safer for the vaulter.
The reality is that poles rarely break, and when they do it is even more rare that it is from a manufacturer's defect.
If it were then none of us could continue to be in business. However if one pole maker is experiencing a rash of breaks they need to take a look at what they are doing or not doing.
It is more likely a combination of variables, like the weather you're jumping in, the vaulter was on the wrong weight pole, with the wrong grip, wrong body weight, the pole was dropped, scratched or stepped on, etc.

We have solved this problem and we recommend that if a pole maker does not know what they are doing, do not make CARBON poles.
It is an art and you have to know what you are doing.
I am not saying poles will not break, (all pole brands break even non carbon) I am saying you are less likely to have one of ours break.
So confident are we in our product and it's durability, we now offer a full refund for any ESSX RECOIL ADVANCE pole that breaks within 30 days of purchase due to a manufacturer's defect. RESTRICTIONS AND RULES will apply to qualify for replacement. We want you to have the same confidence in us that we have in our poles through design and shipment. Together we are a team, and this is our commitment to your goals and safety.
We require video of the vault breaking the pole. IF in 3-5 or 7 piece the pole was overloaded no matter if you weigh less than the weight rating. Weight rating is only a guide for beginners, most vaulter use a pole rated over their weight at least by 5 lbs. Our poles are so easy to bend initially if you are jumping over your grip you will need a pole with a higher rating! A return authorization is required and the pieces of the pole must be sent back for inspection before any poles will be replaced. UserMAY be subject to freight charges for the replacement.